Selection of chat with the boys

Hey readers,

Gathered up a selection of the finest chat with the toddlers, haha. Here goes:-

  • My son running around like a helicopter pretending and saying ’emergency, emergency, crash’. You can imagine it arms out doing this down isles, parks anywhere really. You got love kids imagination!
  • I ask my eldest how old will he be when he has his birthday? ‘Mummy I will be four next’ so cute and so proud to inform me that, bless.
  • My eldest informs me with such urgency, ‘mummy, my shoes don’t fit anymore and i need to get my feet measured as they are way too big’. Now I shall inform you that he made this decision when he overheard me talking to daddy and discussing the fact that  we need to get the boys feet measured soon.
  • I asked my eldest what he wants to do  for the day and he responded by saying that he ‘wants to go on a bouncealine’. Got to love the made up words kids create.
  • My youngest son can now say a handful of words which include ballon, me please, book, shoes. Today was the first time he waved and said goodbye.
  • My youngest is also in between babble and chat and loves making sounds. He has a geko cuddly toy and learnt from his older brother the sound of a dinosaur. He now is fixated with making this sound a lot which is ever so cute as it is such a gentle noice.
  • My eldest has learnt the word YouTube and asks if he can a video on YouTube all nthe time. must be a very popular word for tots or I am a very bad parent, haha.
  • My son spontaneously told me speed bumps go up and down and demonstrated with jumping up and down like a kangaroo.
  • My youngest son pushes his play pushchair into living room and I followed him behind and my son turns around and says stop with his hand out, checky monkey!
I do love this stage of childhood it really makes me laugh and surprises me how much little ones take in, genius!
Cheers for reading X
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Sarehole Water Mill

Hey readers,
Whilst we were away in Norfolk we saw a lot of windmills and even visited one. My son was obsessed beyond belief. somehow along the way he got  transfixed with wanting to go to a Water Mill, kids hey strange creatures.  So, we promised my son that when we got home we would visit one.
Well that day arrived after asking my dear friend Google where one locally was to us. We stumbled upon Sarehole water Mill situated not far from Birmingham city. It is also one of two working mills left within Birmingham.
The mill would not think it being in Birmingham as when you visit the site it is so very countryside feel to it that you would not think that it was situated in an urban area of Birmingham (Hall Green) .
Anyhow, after we had a picnic in a field naturally we then moved on to explore the mill.
The mill it’s self is still working and we specifically went on Wednesday as you could see a demonstration of a worker grinding the wheat and watch the wheels working.
We wondered around up four flights of stairs and watched the water go through the different stages. My son found this fascinating and even commentated that his favourite part of the day was wat hing the water wheel.
Also on one floor there was a magnet on a rod game and you could catch discs of pictures of animals, educational and fun, win-win. My sons loved doing that game and even lasted half an hour. Let’s face it that is pretty long concentration for my sons anyway.
The next floor you could learn more about and associations with the mill as Tolkien lived not far from the mill and was used with reference in the books.
We then explored the pool around the mill which was very pictureiswue as we had gorgeous sunshine which was lovely relaxed  atmosphere especially when you can hear  the bird life and get a sense of getting away from it all.
Obviously we are in Birmingham and we got thd opportunity to hunt down two owls ans tick of the owl hunt.
We also played outside with the games of noughts and crosses, bowling and general run round.
We finished the day with a cuppa and a home made cake used with the mill’s home made flour and it tasted delishous and added that little touch to the attraction.
We had not been before to this attraction so overall a great day out and something different to do with the kiddos and getting out in the great outdoors .
You can deal if we have had a  great day out by the fact how quickly both of my boys fall asleep on the way home.
Billesley base owlet.
Owl for one and one for owl.

The mill

The boys watching the mill working

Based on the illustrations on Tolkien’s work.
The fishing animal magnet game.

Taking in the view of the mill’s pool.

Thanks for reading X

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Life Unexpected


Hey readers,
My word of the week is
which to be frank is not something I am good at. I am an extreme type person either being am over the top and.fully emerged in something or with just completely lacking in it. So I am constantly trying to seek that balance, which is always going to be a challenge. So I am once again trying to gain some control over my addictions and looking after children and Trying to relax. I don’t know whether I will find a solution as let’s face it I’m autistic and I am prone to thinking in such a way that it is hard to change. very black and white thinking and not avod grey lover. Not saying it is not possible but again being realistic Rome wasn’t built in a day. I know for me personally I have an addictive personality so therefore I have to monitor and be conscious of my behaviour. As o can very easily get caught up into a spiral and that has implications on my everyday life.
Trying to rein it back in and not let it get on top and currently putting rules in place as that is.the way I handle everything in my life.  Not ideal but it helps keep equilibrium iny life and not have too much impact on others.
So far so good so feel much more positive about the next few days. I know one of the major influences is.making sure I have enough sleep, so making sure o get plenty of sleep.
Cheers for reading and o wish you a happy week X
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The countdown to nursery

Hey readers,

I’ve mentioned this before but can’t believe how fast this summer holidays has gone by. I won’t pretty it up and say all the time it has gone smoothly. As there have been times when I have wante to pull out my hair. When going for a pee in peace feels like a challenge or dealing with entertainment can be right drag. But overall we are all still here and safely got our mind’s intact.
So as we are heading closer to the end of August and entering into  a new academic year and this will be my DS1 last one before he goes to school next September. So I thought I would pull together a list of preparational ideas to settle my child back into going to nursery.

  1. Lets face it summer holidays have screwed up the rountines and the little ones have not got that strict rountine that they once had. This will be one of the hard tasks  I feel that this will test me when getting the boys to go to bed early. Make sure that they get plenty of rest before the big day. Especially important on the night before (if you can).
  2. Linking on with point one it is important that at the start of the nursery week to not do too much  activities and have a nice chilled week. As rest is important as I know with my son when he is at nursery he gets very exhausted with all the excitement and stimuli provided. 
  3. Make sure you prepare the night before with getting the breakfasts ready and out and the nursery bag packed with essentials.
  4. Make sure you stick with routine as I love it and kids do it. It makes life so much more easier settling back into the new chance. 
  5. When it is the first day back to nursery make sure you incorporate addition time to complete the daughting task. It may take longer to get them up and get ready whilst running around the home trying to get them to go to the toilet. 
  6. Keep calm whenever your trying to tame your child, weather that be at bedtime or getting them up and ready on the first day. It will effect the situation and you want one less stress to make the situation run smoothly.  I am a victim of not managing stress correctly so this always applies to me and get very nervous about time and control.
  7. Make sure you praise your child with positivity making them feel good and encouraging them when they are left at nursery. Even though my boy has been to nursery for two years the chance in routine with confuse him as he is still learning. 
Thank you for reading and wish you the best of luck with settling your child back into nursery. X
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Park Life

Hey readers,

This week we explored a new park a few miles away from home. Isn’t it great when you find somewhere different. I know I love going to new places but I don’t always have the confidence to explore and can easily get stuck in repetition of the same old, same old.

Anyhows, at this park was great as they had a sand pit type table (sorry don’t know the technical term). This was great as it involved water and  both my boys have been into water from day one. Also, it was great messy play outdoors and I didn’t have to clean up after, win-win!

There was also a ray of apparatuses from big round Spinny seats to climbing up robes and sand pits to use the purchased  bucket and spade.  I love-making sand castles I have found it quite therapeutic. Going through parenthood I find it much easier as a parent to do activities that I enjoy. I am a firm believe of that and I am sure my children can feel my vibes and have an impact on theif play.

Another main winner to play with at the park for my boys is the water tray that you get the handle to pump water into and then transfers down to another tray and then finally ending up into a massive sink. This is where my youngest loves to go to so that he could practice jump in muddy puddles, can you tell someone is into Peppa Pig.

So we easily spent about three hours there and got lots of walking involved to keep us all fit. Therefor, naturally it meant that it was alright to have an ice cream. Perfect end to a perfect simple and toddler friendly fun day out.

I definately will also try to find more new play areas as it is shocking when you look at maps how many parks are around, well for us anyways.

Park life!

Cheers for reading X

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