Top ten indoor activities

Hey readers,

 Hope your managing this lovely wet summer days with your sproglets. As the weather has been so wet I thought I would draw up a top ten list of indoor activities that I have done with the boys that have entertained them for five minutes.

  1. Good old fashioned colouring in but my sons are more motivated to colour in with mummy’s posh crayons. I don’t mind as it is great therapeutic way to do something creative and work on my son’s fine motor skills. I also enjoy this activity and find it much easier to do something that I enjoy to do with the boys. Not always feasible but when it happens it is dame good!
  2. Bath any time of the day with loads of toys, loads of bubbles and play making bubbley beard. It kills half an hour and normally creates a calm ambience in the household afterwards even if it is for a short period.
  3. Bake – now this can be stressful but PREPRERATION is key. Make sure you measure out the ingredients prior. Also don’t make too complicated recipes if you have a young child as from my experience they have a short concentration spans and can easily get distracted. 
  4. Read a book, my eldest absolutely loves reading and it is great way to get their imagination going. 
  5. Get the paints out, different brushes, fruit or tools such as spatchla even use their body parts to help explore and experiment. 
  6. Get a large paper draw your child body round it and get them to colour it in, they love this as they know it is the silhouette of themselves making it more appealing to work with.
  7. Get loads of towels get a plastic box and get cars or plastic tools, measuring cup and loads of bubbles, who doesn’t like water fun?!
  8. Playdoh, classic but very fun to kids creating, using their hands and thinking for them selves with ideas.
  9. Get all the clothes out of the drawers and work with your child to but there items back in the order it was. Great way to teach listening skills and working together as a team to get the job done. 
  10. Sing songs, rtythms with actions and is great way to kill a bit of time. If you have instruments that can be an added bonus. 
Hope this helps,
Painting fun with the boy!

Thanks for reading X
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16 thoughts on “Top ten indoor activities

  1. Love the idea of drawinf round their body. As for baking, preparation is most defo the key. When I do this with the kids I have to weigh out all the ingredients first or else it simply breaks down and is a disastrous experience! #TheList


  2. Some great ideas here. The other day I gave Leo an hour long bath just cuz we were bored. I put all his toys in and made it extra bubbly, he loved it. Love the drawing around the body idea xx #TheList


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