Book Review: Are You A Boy or Are You A Girl? by Sarah Savage

Hey readers,

This is the first time I have done a review ever so I am so excited that I have been given this opportunity to do so particularly when it involves a topic I am very interested  in.
I was approached by Sarah Savage to do a review of Are you a girl or are you a boy. The book is to get you to question and explore the topic of gender with your child. It also explores stereotypes and meanings associated with gender and the impact it has on a child. Does it really matter if you are s girl or a boy or is there more to a person then a label.

Cover title of Are you a boy or are you a girl?

I read this book with my three year old son on an ereader which I think  distracted him from the book but once we got to the main story line I felt he enjoyed reading it.
The main character of the story is called Tiny so it is gender neutral name and the child likes to do activities such as dressing up and playing football.  My son’s favourite part was to listen to the activities of what Tiny did during the day. This might be because it is the sort of activities my son enjoys doing and he wants to join in!
My son found the main topic of Tiny being bullied at school interesting, my son is a very sensitive person and I feel he could relate to Tiny as he had a blip at nursery with a more boterous boy that made him feel different and ostracised.
I feel my son enjoyed the character of Tiny as the descriptions of tasks were simple so he could understand what they were doing.
 The main story was around Tiny and a school boy picking on the child because she did not fit into stereotypes such as playing football. The other issue is with the labeling and the impact of that. I thought it was an interesting take and definately a good way for discussion for the older child. I don’t feel the book was for my son’s age as he us not as advanced in understanding the topic of gender. Though he understands what a girl or a boy is and that is based on body parts rather then anything else.

I feel the book is a great tool for children to discuss issues such as bullying and labels and helps to understand them in a child frame of mind.
The one downside to the book is with the title as it already feels like it is pushing you to think one way or another and maybe the wording could be written differently.
Nonetheless the book is very well illustrated and realistic that my son enjoyed and engaged and wanted to turn the pages over to see what happened.
He enjoyed being asked questions (as he asked a lot of questions anyway) so he has a inquestive mind. My son thought Tiny was a boy, I don’t know what that reflects as his mood and hoew his day has bern influences his thought a lot of the time.

 Me and my son reading the story and great to have some down time.
 My youngest came to listen to short bits of the story.

 My eldest getting into the book and flicking through the pages.

Asking my son weather Tiny was a girl or a boy!

Here is a link to the authors  webpage – where you can find more about the author and the book.

Thanks for reading X

*This is a review though not being paid and all the views expressed in the post are entirely my own*. 

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