Twit woo

Hey readers,
Today has been none stop pouring down with rain so that makes it not the best conditions to go out but as I am a mentalist, stubborn or stupid I did.  Not only that I went with two small toddlers on public transport, well I do like a challenge 😉
My plan was to go to Birmingham to check out a new art exhibition on of random owls dotted over the city, 89 to be precise but we only managed nine,  which is fine by me as one would of been good. We only went round the centre ane they are located in different areas of Birmingham. Their is a trail map you can follow and we will try to tick some more during the summer.
So I have a selection of all the different types of owls that I spend a long time to get my son to face the right way with the owl to take a snap. I feel like I was that manic mum but it was pouring down with rain so I am going use that as an excuse.
It was fun for my son to run around to owl spot and tick them of the list. There definitely brighten up the city onto wet and drizzly day!
We then headed to Birmingham Art museum and gallery to participate in the art crafts, unstructured as that is best for the children and I. It is designed more got the older child or one that likes to comply, which neither child is. But that did not stop us having fun to just experiment with materials. I always find it very theraputic even done art history at collage and art history I love.
Anyhow, my son was released form the pushchair but God it is stressful as he is a total nightmare going here there and everywhere and with trying to oldest is the stuff that parents love.  I did my best but the boy just got mental so back in the seat and off we looked around exploring the different art pieces. There are three floors worth of exploring to do.  My son was happiest with getting a rubber duck at the shop.I am a sucker for buying rubbish from the gift shop. Still five minutes peace Is worth the money.
We also had the day complete with having a happy meal which made the day perfect for my boy. My son loves running around with his balloon from Mcdonalds and I am so proud of how educated he is that he instantly recognises the symbol for McDonald’s. I am doing a good job as a mother ;).
One of the highlights for my sons was going on the train home and getting a taxi. As by the time I got into thestation I was mentally exhausted and needed to get home. I was challenged enough with my disability and a mother that I could.not handle a bus trip as well, sod is too short!
My favourite bit of the day is getting ING home and drinking a hot brew. Nothing taste so good after not having a hot one for seven hours. Happy motherhood and simple pleasures you take for granted when you don’t have kids.

Scuse the thumb blockage and the wet and tired toddler…

Mummy what the heck is that big bright thing…

We definately on summer holiday with our first happy meal!

This is what toddler happiness is…. On the train!

Snap snap we have found some owls.
Cheers for reading X

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8 thoughts on “Twit woo

  1. Oh my it's like Shaun the Sheep but with Owls, I love these even it is in the rain, sometimes you just have to stick with your plans and carry on, well done indeed on your 9 owls. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.


  2. Oh I loooove the owls! They are fantastic, such different colours and themes, but all amazing. I think 9 is pretty good going with the 2 small people in tow. They look like they had a fabulous time, despite the rain, it's definitely something you just need to wrap up in suitable clothing and get on with it. I love the photos of your happy littlies!Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  3. I adore owls. Wow they're so bright and cheerful. It's great that you still managed to venture out despite the rain! I must admit I always end up buying from the gift shop haha. My little one is also a nightmare when she is free from her pushchair! She is so fast and she's still at the age where she doesn't look where she's going, she just charges around. Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather It sounds like you had such a good day and had a well deserved cup of tea at the end of it! 🙂 x


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