Severn Valley Railway

Dear readers,

Last weekend we went to Severn Valley Railway (Kiddiminster) for a family day out. There was a reason why we went and that was an reward that my DS1 was saving up for. (21 stars in fact). My eldest son has a habit of sucking his thumb when he is tired but we are trying to stop this habbit as it has an impact on his speech. If your not aware my son has a severe speech delay. We have asked health visitors and looked online for advice and tried several typescof biting nail stuff at first it worked but then he grew to like it and even lick it off, I know gross right! We even tried bitter melon which smells vile and tastes yuk but for some strange reason my son loves it. So, positive reinforcement seems to be the only way to get my son to at least to reduce the amount of thumb sucking.
I digress, so the day arrived and we planned the time to go and when arrived the train was already there with the steam puffing away. My son got to see the rain cuppling of the train too which he loved.
Both my sons loved the feel of the carriages and the whole ambience of the smoke, smell of coal and that steady slow chuger chuger alone the line set against the Worcedtershire countryside, bliss.
 We arrived at the next stop which was brewdley and (we have been several times before) so know a really, really good chip shop. So we went to this chip shop and the fish was so fresh with batter.
 We sat next to the river to eat our food, my son loves chips and brown sauce son this was a real reward for him (I know parent, tut)!
Then we walked under the tunnel and grapped an ice cream and then we went and explored the what the local museum had to offer.
 My sons love the open garden to run around after one another and play chase. Thery sure had enough energy from dinner. My DS1 exploredcthe water mill as hebloves seeing the processes of how things work and from an early age loves to climb so whern there was a large tree log on the ground to climb upon he was in his element.
We then arrived back to catch the return train we were lucky enough to see local may pole dancing type thing at the train station and it was nice to see something different. My youngest absolutely loves music so he was jiggling away putting his hands in the air like he just don’t care.
We took the train home and really was lovely, simple yes, relaxed yes and just enjoyable to do something different from the norm.

Fish and chips is served.

The boy climbing and being a child!

River Severn at Brewdley.
Rolling hills in Worcestershire.
Team mischief!

Pond life at Brewdley Museum outside in the gardens.

Checky chops on the train

Run away quickly from daddy! 

Cheers for reading.
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6 thoughts on “Severn Valley Railway

  1. Its so pretty there! The water, the reflection and the pond is so perfect! COngrats on DS1 for having for 21 start rewards! I read about bitter melon and suddenly missed eating it as its my fave.#countrykids


  2. Oh it sounds like a wonderful day out. Well done on the children for gaining their rewards. I have 2 children who suck their thumbs too, but not figured out how to stop them yet. Good luck xThanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids


  3. It sounds like you all had a great day out, it's great that you've found something that's working with DS1 to stop him sucking his thumb so much. That fish and chips lunch looks delicious too, I bet the boys really enjoyed their treat day out for doing so well. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.


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