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Sometimes it is hard to trust and I should know as I am a total control freak and hate change. I find it hard to trust from past experiences long time ago and I have been let down. Even recently in the past few months I have been lied to in order to safe something for that person. Consequently, I have lost my so called closest friend and it really has but me backwards. It has not just the hurt and anger but the loss that I have to deal with. I thought this person was honest, someone I could rely on and who saw me as a friend. Sadly, that has been torn apart and though it is a lonely place I won’t let that stop me from being.  I am autistic and find it hard to maintain relationships so I treasure what I have but when you thought something was meant to be real and be let down it’s hard to trust. This sounds gloomy but I am slowly learning to accept and let go. Somethings situations occur that are just out of your control therefore the only solution is to dust yourself down and move on, if not for me then for my boys. You have to trust your instincts sometimes things happen for a reason and even though it might be something small like someone just been friendly and ignoring you then I take that and trust in people again.

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6 thoughts on “Trust

  1. It is hard to trust, especially when you've been let down. But, I think you are absolutely right that you have to keep going and move on, learn from the experience and then go past it. I'm sorry that your friend let you down x Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x


  2. It takes time to trust and heal again. Do take your time to relax. Have a time out with love ones or even alone to regather your thoughts. I am sorry to hear that you are heart broken. But I am glad to hear that you can pick yourselves up again. Take care now. xx #brilliantblogposts


  3. Like you I have lost friends. I would like to think that its the distance as my friends are in Manila and I am here in the UK. But the truth is I lost them even before I got here. I dont know what happened we just suddenly lost that it that keeps us together. It hurts but I have to let it go. Sadly its hard for me to forge new friendship after that. #wotw


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