Godiva Festival

Hey readers,

Last Sunday we went and explored our local festival called the Godiva Festival where there is music and tons of stuff for all ages to look at.
We went on Sunday which we are lucky enough to have mostly dry sunny weather with the odd scattered shower.
We visited the change4life tent which promotes exercise and healthy eating. We got a skipping rope to encourage exercise in different and fun ways to enjoy it rather then it being boring chore.
We then moved on the family section which was great fun going round letting the different animals from chicken, rabbits, lambs and even the bauld Lamar.
We then found the police car and queued so that my boy could sit in the police car and play with the buttons and lights. He was very excited that he got this experience  as he is cop mad! We then had a sit down in a field as you do and watched YMCA man blow some spectacular massive bubbles and the kids enjoyed changing them, simple pleasures.

There were a few stages with music but personally not really appropriate as my boys won’t be sitting less two minutes with all there energy. But even with the music and the chilled out ambience (probably because it is Sunday and everyone is knacked after reaching the third day).
What attracted my boys was the green tent which had demonstrations of bees hieves and wood carvery. Which fastinates my eldest as he is the  sort of person interested in the ins and outs of how everything works. My 18 month was released out from the pushchair but wanted to run around being a happy holigan so we walked over to the children’s tent where my youngest was in his element in the music corner.
My youngest absolutely loves music and has a creative personality flare. In the corner it was absolutely brilliant and simple concept with a string of pans and wooden pips for little ones to make music. The wooden spoons and spatchulars to use to hit with.
Then there was of tunnel made purely if sitcks amoungst wooden stools with baskets so little ones can explore different textures.
My eldest  loved the marble maze which was made from plastic bottles and toilet rolls and the like.
Further a field there was a construction piece of a ring road (which  is symbolic of Coventry) made entirely from sticks and twigs. It was constantly changing as well as people could come along and add pieces to it so it felt a sense of community.
Outside of the tent there was a lot of circus items ranging from juggling balls, trampolines, hollerhoops, bean bags etc which we fun as it taught the kids to experiment but work together or else chaos would happen. To be fair to the kiddiwinks that were there had hardly any arguments  and lots of energy and fun was found.
We then headed of to the park in the next field and had an  ice-cream and played on the swings. After three hours of fun we can safety say the boys were tired and headed home to a very long sleep.

Naked lamar

 My son petting the animals

 I’m free!

 My son putting jigsaw together 

Biggest bubbles eveeeer!

Hello Mr Police Man
I get you think this real fruit don’t you. Wrong My friend thus bowl of fruit is all carved.

Thanks for reading X

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

9 thoughts on “Godiva Festival

  1. Wow there is so much going on at the festival here, I'm not sure which I like the sound of most. Our alpaca will look like the one here by the end of the week as the shearer is due in, they look so much less intimidating without all their fluff! I'd love to watch the wood carving, that fruit looks so amazing and i can understand your son heading to the police car, mine would have done just the same at that age. Thank you for sharing a great day on Country Kids.


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