Hey readers,

 Hope your enjoying the sunshine amoungst the scattered showers. Anyhow I have complied my top ten list of funny things my eldest has said which has made me chuckle or hang my head in embarrassment, fun stuff when parenting!

  1. Me and my boy whilst walking to the park the other week my son spots a man with shorts and no top on and turns to me and says “mummmmmy, look at that man he is naked! Why is he naked?!” Obviously he thought he would speak three times louder thrn normal so that everyone in the dame park could not miss out on hearing my son’s comments.
  2. Mummy you can’t fit into that small hole between me and the sofa your bottom is too big, cheers son love you too 😉
  3. When my son was with his workers at nursery a few weeks ago he started talking about his family home and mentioned mummy and said mummy is funny she tickles me and makes me laugh. *proud*
  4. Whenever my son wants anything whether that be chocolate or toy the words that come so sweetly from my son are “mummy pleaseeeeee” whilst he blinks his pretty eyelashes at me, sod!
  5. When my son goes to the toilet he enlightens me with how his food goes down his tummy,comes out of his bottom into the toilet down the poo pipe and gets recycled. I can’t take credit this sort of education that is clever daddy. 
  6. When my eldest son sees his younger brother get a pair of sandals as he has grown out of his old ones my son’s immediate response is my feet are too small for my sandals, I need new ones. Grrrr
  7. Now that it is summer and the days are getting longer and the mornings are getting lighter my son uses this logic that is if the sunshine is out it is morning, FACT! I can now officially kiss goodbye to lie ins, doh!
  8. At the weekend whilst we were on the bus my son sees a man sitting in front of us with a Saunsbutys uniform on. My son recognises this as we shop frequently in Sainsbury’s therefore feels the need to point out to everyone on the bus that “there is the Sainsbury’s man, he is from Sainsbury’s”. Thank you for informing me just what I wanted to hear, lol.
  9. This his a cute anecdote from all this lovely warm weather, my son turns to me one sunny afternoon,  sweetly says “sunshine is warm, sunshine makes me happy.” Bless his cotton socks!
  10. This one is a funny quote from my funny little boy, so i hear thed breaking of a toot in the room and I ask my son, “have you tooted?” and my son responds with “no it’s not me, it’s daddy!” I reply with, “no it can’t be daddy as he is in the other room”. At this point you can see my son thinking quickly for a response “no, it’s the cat”. He says this with his checky little smile!
Cheers for reading X 
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5 thoughts on “Snipets

  1. Oh I love “sunshine is warm, sunshine makes me happy” – what a lovely thing to come out with and I think this is definitely a feeling most of us can relate to. The only downside is that the sun being up doesn't necessarily mean that it really is morning! The loud question about why the man was naked made me chuckle although I suspect that wasn't your first reaction at the time! Love your son's quick thinking about who's tooted as well! Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂


  2. Great list, I miss mine being young and coming our with chuckle comments like these. the light mornings are a killer with young children, funnily eough no amount of morning light will wake my teens! #SundayStars


  3. Haha! Eee kids can be embarrassing – R isn't quite at the stage of paying people much attention, but I'm not looking forward to the pointing and shouting out observations stage!! As for the last one – clever boy, that's always my response too 😉 Thanks for linking up to #TheList! xxx


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