Top ten indoor activities

Hey readers,

 Hope your managing this lovely wet summer days with your sproglets. As the weather has been so wet I thought I would draw up a top ten list of indoor activities that I have done with the boys that have entertained them for five minutes.

  1. Good old fashioned colouring in but my sons are more motivated to colour in with mummy’s posh crayons. I don’t mind as it is great therapeutic way to do something creative and work on my son’s fine motor skills. I also enjoy this activity and find it much easier to do something that I enjoy to do with the boys. Not always feasible but when it happens it is dame good!
  2. Bath any time of the day with loads of toys, loads of bubbles and play making bubbley beard. It kills half an hour and normally creates a calm ambience in the household afterwards even if it is for a short period.
  3. Bake – now this can be stressful but PREPRERATION is key. Make sure you measure out the ingredients prior. Also don’t make too complicated recipes if you have a young child as from my experience they have a short concentration spans and can easily get distracted. 
  4. Read a book, my eldest absolutely loves reading and it is great way to get their imagination going. 
  5. Get the paints out, different brushes, fruit or tools such as spatchla even use their body parts to help explore and experiment. 
  6. Get a large paper draw your child body round it and get them to colour it in, they love this as they know it is the silhouette of themselves making it more appealing to work with.
  7. Get loads of towels get a plastic box and get cars or plastic tools, measuring cup and loads of bubbles, who doesn’t like water fun?!
  8. Playdoh, classic but very fun to kids creating, using their hands and thinking for them selves with ideas.
  9. Get all the clothes out of the drawers and work with your child to but there items back in the order it was. Great way to teach listening skills and working together as a team to get the job done. 
  10. Sing songs, rtythms with actions and is great way to kill a bit of time. If you have instruments that can be an added bonus. 
Hope this helps,
Painting fun with the boy!

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Book Review: Are You A Boy or Are You A Girl? by Sarah Savage

Hey readers,

This is the first time I have done a review ever so I am so excited that I have been given this opportunity to do so particularly when it involves a topic I am very interested  in.
I was approached by Sarah Savage to do a review of Are you a girl or are you a boy. The book is to get you to question and explore the topic of gender with your child. It also explores stereotypes and meanings associated with gender and the impact it has on a child. Does it really matter if you are s girl or a boy or is there more to a person then a label.

Cover title of Are you a boy or are you a girl?

I read this book with my three year old son on an ereader which I think  distracted him from the book but once we got to the main story line I felt he enjoyed reading it.
The main character of the story is called Tiny so it is gender neutral name and the child likes to do activities such as dressing up and playing football.  My son’s favourite part was to listen to the activities of what Tiny did during the day. This might be because it is the sort of activities my son enjoys doing and he wants to join in!
My son found the main topic of Tiny being bullied at school interesting, my son is a very sensitive person and I feel he could relate to Tiny as he had a blip at nursery with a more boterous boy that made him feel different and ostracised.
I feel my son enjoyed the character of Tiny as the descriptions of tasks were simple so he could understand what they were doing.
 The main story was around Tiny and a school boy picking on the child because she did not fit into stereotypes such as playing football. The other issue is with the labeling and the impact of that. I thought it was an interesting take and definately a good way for discussion for the older child. I don’t feel the book was for my son’s age as he us not as advanced in understanding the topic of gender. Though he understands what a girl or a boy is and that is based on body parts rather then anything else.

I feel the book is a great tool for children to discuss issues such as bullying and labels and helps to understand them in a child frame of mind.
The one downside to the book is with the title as it already feels like it is pushing you to think one way or another and maybe the wording could be written differently.
Nonetheless the book is very well illustrated and realistic that my son enjoyed and engaged and wanted to turn the pages over to see what happened.
He enjoyed being asked questions (as he asked a lot of questions anyway) so he has a inquestive mind. My son thought Tiny was a boy, I don’t know what that reflects as his mood and hoew his day has bern influences his thought a lot of the time.

 Me and my son reading the story and great to have some down time.
 My youngest came to listen to short bits of the story.

 My eldest getting into the book and flicking through the pages.

Asking my son weather Tiny was a girl or a boy!

Here is a link to the authors  webpage – where you can find more about the author and the book.

Thanks for reading X

*This is a review though not being paid and all the views expressed in the post are entirely my own*. 

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Tried and Tested

Twit woo

Hey readers,
Today has been none stop pouring down with rain so that makes it not the best conditions to go out but as I am a mentalist, stubborn or stupid I did.  Not only that I went with two small toddlers on public transport, well I do like a challenge 😉
My plan was to go to Birmingham to check out a new art exhibition on of random owls dotted over the city, 89 to be precise but we only managed nine,  which is fine by me as one would of been good. We only went round the centre ane they are located in different areas of Birmingham. Their is a trail map you can follow and we will try to tick some more during the summer.
So I have a selection of all the different types of owls that I spend a long time to get my son to face the right way with the owl to take a snap. I feel like I was that manic mum but it was pouring down with rain so I am going use that as an excuse.
It was fun for my son to run around to owl spot and tick them of the list. There definitely brighten up the city onto wet and drizzly day!
We then headed to Birmingham Art museum and gallery to participate in the art crafts, unstructured as that is best for the children and I. It is designed more got the older child or one that likes to comply, which neither child is. But that did not stop us having fun to just experiment with materials. I always find it very theraputic even done art history at collage and art history I love.
Anyhow, my son was released form the pushchair but God it is stressful as he is a total nightmare going here there and everywhere and with trying to oldest is the stuff that parents love.  I did my best but the boy just got mental so back in the seat and off we looked around exploring the different art pieces. There are three floors worth of exploring to do.  My son was happiest with getting a rubber duck at the shop.I am a sucker for buying rubbish from the gift shop. Still five minutes peace Is worth the money.
We also had the day complete with having a happy meal which made the day perfect for my boy. My son loves running around with his balloon from Mcdonalds and I am so proud of how educated he is that he instantly recognises the symbol for McDonald’s. I am doing a good job as a mother ;).
One of the highlights for my sons was going on the train home and getting a taxi. As by the time I got into thestation I was mentally exhausted and needed to get home. I was challenged enough with my disability and a mother that I could.not handle a bus trip as well, sod is too short!
My favourite bit of the day is getting ING home and drinking a hot brew. Nothing taste so good after not having a hot one for seven hours. Happy motherhood and simple pleasures you take for granted when you don’t have kids.

Scuse the thumb blockage and the wet and tired toddler…

Mummy what the heck is that big bright thing…

We definately on summer holiday with our first happy meal!

This is what toddler happiness is…. On the train!

Snap snap we have found some owls.
Cheers for reading X

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Hey readers,

Hope your enjoying or surviving the first week of summer holidays. My week I feel is chaos. As much as I love spending time with my children it can be quite difficult managing intense periods of togetherness. I’m lucky though that my son can spend periods of time playing by himself but my youngest is quite clingy plus my hubby is working long hours to fix our car as the clutch is going. So, it feels more  tiring especially now that the routine has been pulled away. It is hard for me to replace a new schedule into our lives in the beginning. I am autistic and therefore this is one thing that as a parent i should manage but for me personally it is the biggest challenge to deal with change. But slowly getting to grips of adapting though I never thought shopping would take as long with a toddler that toddles behind! When I feel dread over some aspact if parenting I also try to remember to take baby steps and try not to focus on the bigger picture.  But on the positive we have more free time to explore days out without having to rely on structure and we can be a bit more impulse or have the odd late night. That is the fun side of sumner holidayd and creating memories.

Have a great week X

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Top 10 advice for new parents

Hey readers,

Reminiscing on the time when I was blessed with having my first child I remember all those mixed feelings ranging from excitement, love, happiness, optimism, scared, paranoid, frightened, hopeful, dread, worry all rolled into one day, it is exhausting. It is such a massive change to have a child. It is such an experience from being at hospital with all the support from the staff to be suddenly leave or home is very frightening experience. I never felt so frightened with the unknown and doubting how I was going to cope with something so small and precious. Massive realisation of knowing that I was my sons carer for all his needs and having this massive responsibility was just overwhelming.
I remember the first night at home, my husband was in the middle of a phone call in the other room  and I was in thr living room with my son and ending up getting myself in a state and having the biggest panic attack ever. It was terrfifing knowing that this is now my reality. No one in the pregnancy classes talks about emotions/mental health and how very delicate you are when your new born arrives. The whole experience feels so isolating and a very lonely place to be. It does not help with the sleep deprivation enhancing emotions making the smallest thing blow at of proportion. Though do not fear it does get better with time and experience I thought I would offer my  top ten list of things I wish someone would of told me when I had my first born.

  1. It’s ok to bottle feed your not less of a woman because you do it. You do what is right for you. 
  2. Go out, don’t stay in for six weeks it’s utter bollocks. Don’t let the walks cave in nothing beats a bit of fresh air and new scenery.
  3. Save your money don’t invest in parent books, focus more on you and what you think.
  4. Trust in yourself you know more then you think
  5. Forget the washing, have a sleep, you earned it and you are granted permission to live in a pig sty.
  6. Somethings as a mother don’t come nature for instance it took me about six months to grasp how to change a nappy and work the frigging sterliser. You have skills some are better then others it doesn’t make you a crap parent your just human. We all have stengh and weaknesses. Just learn to work with them and you will get through it.
  7. Write a blog, you feel less lonely and feel connected more with ‘real’ mummies
  8. Learn to  love YouTube, it will help you during those late night feeds
  9. Ask for help, no shame in it, if anything it is strength that you recognise a problem and your willing to get it sorted out.
  10. This notion of supermum is purely fantasy we all make mistakes, mess up but we love our children non the less. 
Cheers for reading X
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The List


  1. Blue is my son’s favourite colour
  2. For me blue reminds me of the sea, calmness and where I find equilibrium
  3. Blue is associates with depression but as a suffer from depression it is so far from there truth more pink if anything
  4.  Itrust blue it makes me feel safe when all things crazy happening
  5. Nothing feels like summer then a crisp clear blue sky
  6. My sons have blue eyes and make me feel complete when I look at them 
  7. I like to write with a blue pen
  8. Blue feels less chaotic then it’s family members 
  9. Blue is neutral and balanced 
  10. Blue is primary and though it does not stand out as much as red and yellow it can stand tall on it’s own without being too intense