Reasons why we love daddy

  1. You so chilled and don’t follow any scedules
  2. You also stay calm and keep your togetherness whilst mummy is an emotional wreck
  3. You are really eyhudtastic streading the books at bedtime with different types of voices making it that extra special
  4. You are so anal and when you do something you put 100% into it. 
  5. You think outside the box and have a creative flair in a organised manner which results in you having quirky ideas and you can bring them to life. You are hands on and a maker and I can’t wait for you to make our bunk beds they will be so bespoke!
  6. You keep things simple where mummy struggles greatly with this making everything much more complicated then it needs to be.
  7. Your always open and tell it as it is, a vagina is a vagina no messing about
  8. You never hide away and your top lesson that you teach your children is truth whether that be about mental health (mummy’s lol) or how the car works. Communication is very important for you and you want to pass that importance on to your children. 
  9. You make your children feel calm knowing that you are true and trusted care giver in their life. You will protect them and always love them unconditionality.
  10. You have a wicked sense of humour. 
  11. You hold me high on your shoulderscmaking me feel like a warrior.
  12. Your not scared to cry or shamed and open to emotions.
  13. Your the bedrock of this family and keep everything together.
  14. Life is compete with you in our lives 
  15. You accept me for who I am and don’t put pressure on me but encourage my strengths. 

Little Hearts, Big Love

Adventure of a Monkeyfooted Mummy

6 thoughts on “Reasons why we love daddy

  1. What a lovely post and love this list of reasons why your children love their daddy – he sounds like he is a fabulous dad. Thank you for sharing this with #FathersDay2015


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