Thank you hubby

Dearest hubby,

I know that I don’t tell you enough but I am thankful that you came into my life. I know you would tell me that I am being negative when I say this but before you I really never imagined I would be in a long term relationship. I just had visions of myself being that crazy old cat lady with piles of books beside her. How much did I know? What a journey we have been on but though there have been testing times especially the last few months we have stuck together and now I can see the light we  are still hear staying strong.
I could never imagine having anyone else but you and you have changed me for the better. This sounds corny but my life feels complete and we are so very blessed to have two gorgeous sons.
We are still learning about each other and as parents. It is not easy but with you by my side I know we can get through it and when the time comes we will be able to reap the rewards.
I will always treasure the moments and glad I did marry you even though at first I was against the idea. I feel like I am a person now and have meaning in my life rather then an existence.
 I know I am a miserable cow sometimes and have my ‘issues’ But I just want to take five minutes out from the hectic life and say thank you and I love you for being in life. You are my rock and you have never let me down where others have. I trust you completely which is saying something as I find it really hard to lose control.

Love you,

Your bunny forever X

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10 thoughts on “Thank you hubby

  1. What a lovely thing to read. I am so guilty of not thanking my hubby enough, you have inspired me to just go and give him a big big right now. It sounds like you are meant to be together and lucky to have each other #sharewithme


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