Gratitude list for June

Hey readers,

Hope your having a good week. Thought I would comply a gratitude list for June – helps but life into perspective not to mention my love for lists. So here goes…..

  1. Early mornings when the sun shines and you can get some much needed work done.
  2. A lovely hot brew first thing in the morning really helps kick start my day.
  3. Rest as this has been beneficial to me this week and to slow down. Life can be really fast paced at times as a mummy that it is good to recharge your batteries. It was much needed due to my energy levels being low and lacking motivation. 
  4. When dropping my son of at nursery he is happy and settled without being clingy. Knowing he is comfortable and not upset about the fact mummy is leaving makes me feel contended. 
  5. Eating more healthier makes me feel so much better physically and mentally. I feel less bloated which in turn makes me feel comfortable in my own skin.
  6. I am trying to walk more to get fitter and enjoying the sunshine as it makes walking so much more pleasanter. 
  7. Comedy is a real tonic and has helped me relax when I have felt stressed or anxious. 
  8. Watching my eldest play more independently and not relying on adults so much for entertainment. 
  9. My eldest is using his imagination more as at one stagr we were worried about that regarding development.
  10. I’m not reading into my intrusive thoughts as much creating a more chilled environment at home. 
Thanks for reading X
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4 thoughts on “Gratitude list for June

  1. nodding all the way through – I feel much the same in terms of getting up early, eating well, etc all make me feel better! Fab post 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx


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