Sleepy heads

Hey readers,

Hope your enjoying this sunny Wednesday. I am on the slightly knackered side due to the fact that my youngest has had hid sides of his cot down (he can now can climb out) therefore not much point having the sides up and it is safer. Therefore the youngest is having problems settling down at night as he is so excited about the new living conditions and nothing is as exciting as new found freedom for my boy!
The downside of this situation is that he shares his bedroom with his brother and there is nothing in the world that makes my DS2 happy is having cuddles and the warmth. Given the chance my youngest could spend all day cuddles.  Therefore he can not miss an opportunity to jump in his brothers bed at night. Any old way he will just collapse in the bed and zonk out. Luckily my DS1 loves this fact so there not many tantrums involved.


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