Outdoors mayhem

Hey readers,

Hope your having a lovely week in the sun, it has been super ace here. My word of the week is –

 This week has been a blast in the sun and we have spend a fair few hours soaking up the rays in the great outdoors. Luckily both my children love parks, horray. Cheap and chearful and  makes a great opportunity to chance the scenery. I love beening outdoors and we had a great day out doing so. For my husband’s birthday we went to visit a local attraction called Plantasia and Maze World. I have been before and my hubby loves it. There is much to see and do that it is worth more visit and it is reasonably priced, win-win.

The attraction is mainly outdoors with a river set amongst the woodlands and widelifes which is simply stunning. We had a picnic (plenty of sitting by the way throughout the attraction) near the river and we got to watch the mummy ducks with their young ducklings. I mean we could spend an hour just watching the duck family as my sons loved watching them in their natural habitat just moouching around doing their day to day business. Around the river area are placards with detailed information on the different wildlife of birds and fish. My son really enjoyed spotting the wildlife and matching it up to the pictures on the boards.


It’s a duck’s life!

After the picnic  we ventured on to the mazes which are six different mazes all with their own theme ranging from the artitecture to Africa. We had so much fun exploring the mazes and getting los within the  massive trees which takes you away with the theme. My sons loved the quest of finding the stamper for each maze and collecting them as the stamps have animal related ones matching the theme of the mazes. I particularly liked the Japanese maze which was very zen and relaxing with the different plants and water features.

Japanese maple, one of the many planets featured in the Japanese maze.

We have adopted a new family member…meet the wicker man…

Of course a day is not  complete without  a go or two on the park going down the wiggly slides or climbing up really high. That is what makes my boys very happy indeed!
Sadly, we could not stay longer as we were there only for the afternoon but definately going back for a whole day as their is lake walks and the farm animals to see. As youcan imagind this is a fun filled day for little ones. We did spend about four hours which obviously meant we worked for a checky ice cream and maybe one or two gifts from thr gift shop which you can’t  escape. So overall that was a brilliant day outdoors for all and we are so lucky to live down the road so we can visit again!

My DS1 rabbiting around

Peak a boo!
Them pesky bananas get everywhere!

DS2 running wild, watch out!

Thank you for reading X Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

The Reading Residence

Reasons why we love daddy

  1. You so chilled and don’t follow any scedules
  2. You also stay calm and keep your togetherness whilst mummy is an emotional wreck
  3. You are really eyhudtastic streading the books at bedtime with different types of voices making it that extra special
  4. You are so anal and when you do something you put 100% into it. 
  5. You think outside the box and have a creative flair in a organised manner which results in you having quirky ideas and you can bring them to life. You are hands on and a maker and I can’t wait for you to make our bunk beds they will be so bespoke!
  6. You keep things simple where mummy struggles greatly with this making everything much more complicated then it needs to be.
  7. Your always open and tell it as it is, a vagina is a vagina no messing about
  8. You never hide away and your top lesson that you teach your children is truth whether that be about mental health (mummy’s lol) or how the car works. Communication is very important for you and you want to pass that importance on to your children. 
  9. You make your children feel calm knowing that you are true and trusted care giver in their life. You will protect them and always love them unconditionality.
  10. You have a wicked sense of humour. 
  11. You hold me high on your shoulderscmaking me feel like a warrior.
  12. Your not scared to cry or shamed and open to emotions.
  13. Your the bedrock of this family and keep everything together.
  14. Life is compete with you in our lives 
  15. You accept me for who I am and don’t put pressure on me but encourage my strengths. 

Little Hearts, Big Love

Adventure of a Monkeyfooted Mummy

Alert parents have vanished

Hey readers,

Check out the picture below of my youngest in the pub play area where the only swing is the ones with no safety bars which is not cool as my youngest favourite park activity is the beloved swing.
So my son went flying high without the parents on a more mature swing for older child…… s#£t call social services!


To be fair though my son loved the alternative ride to his normal standard of being locked up safe and sound.
Have a wicked Wednesday peeps!
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You Baby Me Mummy

Summer summer time…

Hey readers,

 I don’t know where you are but where I am the weather has been all over the place. Some days have been glorious but others have been really horrid. Boo to the rain and yeah to sunshine says a lot of parents including myself.
Well this week has been busy with going out on the days where it had been glorious. One of them days was with my son and I went to a wonderful park where there is a river. We had great fun playing pooh sticks which was hard for my son to stop after a while as he was having so much fun. But like everything there is never enough hours and us parents have to Boring chores. On the joy to be a carefree youth.
I digress it is really a pictureique with it it’s glorious rolling hills and over looking the castle a mile or two in the distance. I love beeing able to play hide and seek in the open air as there were so many glorious lucious gree trees with the sun shinning on the leaves. It definitely felt like summer that day. It was also a weekday which is great as there are mainly toddletrs my sons age and it is not as boisterous in the play park. It is a lot more easier being with children on the same wave length and my son had lots of fun playing with new people. This is really positive as my son has a speech delay so watching him after making progress in therapy was a real joy to see.
As my youngest is nursery in the afternoon it gave me chance to have some 1-2-1 time and purely focusing on my sons wishes and wants. As having an age difference can be a blessing but it also can be a hindrance when they both want to play on different things.
When we were at the park my son was at his happiest on the zipwire as it was totally abondened today and unlike other days where it is crowded with the older children. I think through observation my son loves the fast pace of the ride and the feeling if free high up the air.  Which seeing him really happy and smiley makes me feel proud as I at times have dealts i supposes this part of being a parernt.
Finally, we ended with a lovely walk through the fields into the town centre where there is a 50’s inspired ice cream parlour where my son felt like he was in hevean with his tub of bubble gum ice cream. Overall, I thought the day out was a success and both mummy and son needless to say slept soundly that night!

 My son loving a feather

Waiting for pooh sticks to arrive at the other end!


 Classic summer shot of a buttercup!

Greenness everywhere

 The lake with the castle in the background
An oasis of tranquility

Thank you for reading X

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

Mami 2 Five


Hey readers,
 So thinking of a word that sums up my week it would be busy.
Got a couple meetings and though they are only an hour or two coubbled with dealing with dropping off and collecting toddlers (both go to nursery but a different times and different nursery’s) it soon eats away at your time. It does not help that it is my hubbys and mum’s birthday along with the in-laws coming from Wales which will be lovely for the boys. But sometimes it can all feel a bit raggh and hopefully wishing for more hours in the day. On boy do I sound old and a cliché!
With being a parent I sometimes think it is so hard to get a balance with stuff going on and managing time. At times for me it is uber busy and I don’t have a minute to myself and then on the other end of the scale I am suffering from cabin fever (tends to normally occur when it is raining, FFS!) and desperately want to go out somewhere.
At least on the positive side we are creating memories and I am not all the time having to be the 24-7 entertainer so that kinda gives me a break. Anyhow, I digress but primarily I hope there is some sunshine as I am most looking forward to cake. Did I mention that I suggested the idea on the impulse to make the cake and the fact that I am s**t at cooking, well not rubbish just not very good with measurements and instructions. Lol
Hope you have a lovely week and thank you for reading X

The Reading Residence