Motor festival

At the weekend we headed out to a motor festival within the city we live in. It was free which makes it more attractive and it gives us something constructive to do. Plus, my eldest is at that age where he is constantly observing and working things out. At the festival most of it was outdoors with static exhibitions showing array of cars ranging from range rovers to old style jags. Jaguar industry has been done in coventry is there is that association and celevrating the industry. It also helps to show the motor industry history that out city has (Coventry). We visited Saturday with the glorious sunshine and a great buzzing atmosphere which was a perfect family day out. We explored all the different displays and my son was partial to the Barbie pink car (see below).

Barbie car

We attempted to try and watch the racing cars but sadly as you know with little ones are wriggly things and there was no time schedule so sadly had to give it a miss. But still had loads of fun wondering around the green, pulling grass and feeling the grass between their fingers, rolling down the small hill. Oh to be young again, hehe! 

Catch me if you can!
My sons also got the chance to run around the green area by the tress playing games and just bring typical toddlers. My son loves feeling dirt as well which properly shocks onlookers but I don’t care cause I was the same when I was younger. 

Couldn’t resist allowing them on the racing ride, though not always a good thing when they are tired later on the afternoon and cannot handle being told no! 

 An example of the car display. 
Finally, to complete the day we headed to a coffee shop for drinks and cakes, well we did walk around everywhere so made up for it 😉
My boys!

Lambretta scooter!

My youngest got the chance to come out of the push chair and have fun for a long time going up and down on chairs. Cheap entertainment eat your heart out!

Get in my belly!

Motor display

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

12 thoughts on “Motor festival

  1. Oh how my boys would love this! The eldest is just learning to drive and all of them are car mad. Looks like this would have really captured their imaginations. It looks like your two had a lovely time and I bet their highlight was the little racing car ride! Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.


  2. Cheers Stephanie – yes lots to see and it was held over two days. Lots of things to see to keep LOs entertained. I love it when they both my boys are having together makes mummy proud 🙂 X


  3. Wow, learning to drive, eek! Yes the university and the art hub base in our city was involved to so lots of different dimensions showing that communities can come together 🙂


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