Hey readers, I really like the concept of writting about a word a week Linky by the lovely thereadingresidance. Here is a link if you want to know more –  So, therefore could not resist in taking part. My word this week is

I chose this word as luck would have it that there has been a bit of sunshine this week which inspired me to write about sunshine. I don’t know about you but for me as a parent with two small toddlers life can be diifcult trying to manage the role of motherhood with no manual. What I have found is when the weather is more brighter and the sun is shinning the days just feel more manageable. I know that the sunshine has amazing benefits on your well being and it is a known fact that increased levels of vitamin D found from spending time in the sunshine can help depression (which I have suffered for on and off for several years). The sunshine can really make your motivation increased and not to mention more days out in the open which is an added bonus. Also, levels of sunshine can highten feel good hormones (sertion, endorphins) making it all the better to face day-to-day exsistance and feel GOOD.
What I do particularly love about sunshine is the feeling of rosey checks and the warmth you get from sunshine. It may be down to the fact that one of many cherished memories is being in the garden as a child and feeling that sun-kissed feeling across you body whilst lounging in the sun chairs and just living in ‘the moment’.
Likewise one of my faviourite things to do in the sunshine is to  lie on the grass barefooted and making objects with  the clouds.
The sunshine gives me hope as it allows me to be free mainly because i am out more, feeling like I am doing more with my life and getting away from the misery of being inside.  But ultimately sunshine makes me relaxed as everything is more bright and makes me want to indulge in retreating outside with a book and glass of ice cold ginger beer.
 I would say the best time for the sunshine is the summer months when the days are longer and I have more energy and don’t dream about sleep  as much. My body feels so good and relaxex with the sunshine. People generally feel more cherful and the atmosphere feeld more relaxed.

That’s why I love sunshine X

The Reading Residence

6 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Oh, I love sunshine, too. Always makes it easier to get up in the morning, and I love being able to get out into the garden, too. My children are always itching to go outside, so sunny days are easier. Thanks for joining in and sharing with #WotW


  2. Awww its so good when the sun is shining. Its like life is sorting itself and we dont need to move! This is such a lovely word and I am so glad that its doing good in your household =) #wotw


  3. You're right! Life is that bit more smiley and fun when the sun's shining. It's a great word to choose this half term and I hope you've managed to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible. We've had some glorious days followed by an absolute shocker yesterday (!) but today looks more hopefulEither way, summer is on its way#WoTW


  4. Thank you. Yes it so much more easier to get motivated and up. I so identify with children desperate to get out, my children seem too have massive e amount if energy and out really helps. Plus they sleep better too which is always a win-win 🙂


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