Moving forward

Today me and my son had some quality time together and went out to our local park.
I found this experience a real eye opener to see my child in a different light when socialising with other children. I witnessed him be strong and stand his own ground towards the older children when he was brrning threatened. This for me was really lovely to see that he could think on his own two feet and stand up for himself. Not to mention his determination to see something through. Whilst i was I shaking like a nervous wreck while he slide down the fireman’s hose. He did it independently even if the older kids were trying to but him off because in relation to them he is rather small. They made comments such as ‘you can’t do that, your going die’. He did  go down the hose nevertheless because no one is going to get in the way of his goal but also he had already successfully attempted it five times.
I just love how fierce my son is and though I look on in fear sometimes you just got to let them experience life and the dangers as that I’d what makes them stronger and grow as a person. That is it really but overall my son has been really inspiring to watch be his own person which make  me so proud to call him my son.

Look at me mummy!

Remaining castle in local area

My son is fearless


Mighty high

Wobble wobble

I’m the king


I’m a big boy mummy

You know it’s Spring when you can blow on a dandelion, yeah!

Have a fabulous week readers X

Adventure of a Monkeyfooted Mummy

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