Top tips on how to potty train

Hey readers,

I am always thankful to find peoples blog type experience posts really helpful when I am at a lost. Therefore I thought I would provide some tips to help with potty training that has helped me.
I knew pre-training the thought of potty training scared me to death, all the scare stories seemed to really anxious at the prospect. I had heard of experiences that had been bad with training their young ones but I think that was down more to the pressure to use the potty. Personally, that was not my style but below I have listed what I did to train my child to use the potty. I know this is boasting but it only took mea week when the time was right to do it. I have listed my top tips below:-

  1. Firstly listen to your child and watch out for the signs that they are ready. For example – holding their privates, asking about the toilet etc.
  2. Let them see you use the toilet, this helps them be aware of what the toilet is and what happens when you use the toilet.
  3. I got a child friendly ‘potty book’ personally I love pirate Pete one.(personal opinion not reviewing). With the book I liked it as is interactive with the sounds, colourful and simple to understand for my boy to see the process of using the potty.  Also, it is best of get a gendered one because girls and boys have different anatomy and use the toilet differently.
  4. Be relaxed don’t but pressure on yourself or your child, they pick up on the tension and it could potentially cause a delay or regression in the training process.
  5. I started with simply having a potty in the room so that my son could explore it and get to practice sitting on it.
  6. Then after a while when my son got confident with sitting on the potty I give him periods where he would have nappy free time to try out using the potty. Now bare in my mind that accidents do happen with wees and poos on the floor but over time with encouragement they will get used to finding and using the potty. Though, as a parent you can watch out for signs for your child needing the toilet when they apear to be squatting or holding themselves crossed legged calmly place them on to the potty.
  7. Praise them for sitting on the potty and don’t critise them when they do little accidents on the floor. Just keep praising the positive behaviour and slowly they will move forward.
  8. Have a reward chart with star stickers- kids love getting involved and this really helpd reinforce positive behaviour. 
  9. Using pull up nappies are essential to help introduce them to the idea of pulling up their nappies/underwear.
  10. Remember ever child is different so take your time and though my son took a week to potty train we had months where we would constantly go back and forth due to illness.
Hope this helps and the prospect is not so daughting.
Love S X
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12 thoughts on “Top tips on how to potty train

  1. Thanks for sharing your advice – we tried to start potty training over the Easter holidays but it was quite clear my daughter wasn't quite ready and I'm still not convinced that we're yet at the right moment but am hoping that the summer will be the time we manage to crack it. Love your new blog design 🙂


  2. Cheers Louise – all you can do is try but don't pressure on. Just try again in Summer – I'm sure it will come XP.s. thanks dabbling ATM – but not very techy but slowly understanding it but how long does it take to work out all the design settings!


  3. Great tips! Thinking if starting my son in the summer so he can rum around in the garden with no nappy on while we play outside. He will be 2 soon and is showing some signs. Well done you 2 cracking it in a week! #TheList xx


  4. That sounds like a very good idea and a lot easier to do. Sadly, I don't have a garden or else I would do that myself as I need to potty train my second and got a feeling it is not going be as easy, eek! Good luck with your training just remember baby steps all the way 🙂


  5. What age did you start ? My 17 month old is showing signs she's ready but I think it might still be too early. I'll have to bookmark this for when she is ready. Great post!


  6. Thank you. He was about 2 and half but he kept starting and stopping due to illness. I don't think there is ever too young, just give it a go and don't aim to 'train' just get used to the idea in a relaxed way X


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