park life

Hey readers,

 Today we had glorious sunshine and it was a Saturday therefore we needed to get out the home wiry no excuses!  Not to mention the fact that I have been couped up a lot this week at home and my sanity had been tested. I found it very hard to motivate myself today to get up and go with the feelings of lathergic and bleugh. Sometimes the mundaneness can get hold of you and drag you down.

But, i am so glad i went for a walk and it really does help my depressiom. The results on my mood after were amazing and it is incredible how a simple walk around a local park can really brighten up your mood. Also, it helped burn of all that built up energy from my boys. I also enjoy being in the wildlife and feeling of ‘escaping’ even if it is for a couple hours. Of course having an ice cream makes the boys and mummy and daddy very happy too!

 Plus, sometimes its just the ordinary moments can be really special and that it’s OK to not try to be this ideal perception of this ‘perfect mother’.


Whack, whack!

Monkeying around!

Tired little munchkin!

Lovely little walk around the fields and pond!

Teaching the youngest to blow!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

12 thoughts on “park life

  1. I love being outside with the kids, for a whole host of reasons, including the space to run around and the fact that the house is tidy when we do it! I'm planning on investing in some serious waterproofs for the park for this coming winter because last year the girls were all kitted out and I froze!


  2. I definitely think going for a walk in the sunshine is one of the simplest things but can do wonders for a mood- if we ever feel grumpy I know that going out and making an effort will really help. Looks like a lovely day. x


  3. I'm so pleased you managed to grab some outdoor family time, I don't suffer from depression, although I know days like this lift my spirits, fresh air and time out together really does make a difference. I hope you have many more opportunities for some park fun like this over the summer months. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.


  4. Thank you Care – that sounds like good organisation skills thou have there. I do love the rain and going out an jumping in muddy puddles, lol! I know what you mean about keeping the place tidy – well less messier in my case, lol!


  5. Thank you Coombe Mill, park is one of my kids fav places to be and it's free (minus ice cream) so defo be going out more in the summer. Thank you for hosting #countrykids


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