Things I don’t share with my kiddiwinks but thankfully kept me sane

Hey readers, now I will state firstly say I love my Bambinos to the earth and back. But it is OK to be selfish and have some things to yourself. That I have learnt through motherhood that you need some things that you can claim as your own or you will slowly lose a part of you.

  1. My funky pad and pen are mine and not for little pinkies. I need my lists and order to keep me sane. They are my little luxacery that belong to me. Though my kids do try to get my pad and pen but it ain’t happening on my watch. They are secretly placed so that  they are not at risk of being scribbled on and destroyed. Have no fear though that my sons do have all different types of pens, crayons, colouring pencils, paper etc. So, therefore they are not losing out and mummy feels happy having something special thats ALL MINE!
  2. Going to the toilet is my time out and some peace – so much so that I have a lock on my door and I will not open it until I have done my wee without the torrnado of destruction entering my tertiary.
  3. Secretly having a full bar of chocolate to myself without sharing it. OK, so I am secretly hiding around the corner trying to be quiet son they can listen to peppa *AHEM*!
  4. That secretly I hate he majority of childrens p rogrammes (though I secretly love Nanny Plum and her scarasm) . I shall name one in particular that gets right on my nerves and that be TOPSY AND TIM. (More Tim mind as he such a miserable so and so and always carries that look of being slapped with a wet fish). Not to mention when are they ever going to actually move into that new home which looks identical to the one that they live in now. Yep, I know motherhood really comes with random thoughts such as above.
  5. My decision who gets to sit near the window – END.OF.CONVERSATION. 
  6. I hate messy play and only do it for the selfless reasons as I know you boys love it so much but it does make my skin crawl. 
  7. I may intentially accidentally have thrown out a few of your drawings that are so alike it seems wasted to keep them all. I still need to save space for all your other work/reports/cards/memorabilia to store.
  8. When I want to tell daddy something that I don’t want you kiddies to know I may spell out the word or scribble a secret note to my beloved that I would like a beer and chocolate tonight.
  9. When both mummy and daddy count to five we have no idea exactly what will happen after. So far we have only gone to 4!
  10. When your in bed we dampen down our answers to your questions of ‘what are you doing after’  with responses such as we are both tidying and going to bed after.  We dont do such activities as drinking hot drinks, eat junk sometimes and watch something with naughty swords in. 
You know it makes sense to keep somethings a secret to make family life run smoothly.

Adventure of a Monkeyfooted Mummy
The List

8 thoughts on “Things I don’t share with my kiddiwinks but thankfully kept me sane

  1. I 'may' have sent my husband a text from the same room that read 'sssshhh shall we get a curry tonight' some things are ok for grown ups to keep quiet about ! Messy play however I LOVE LOVE LOVE! thanks for linking up with #thankfulthursday


  2. Thank you Karen!I love the idea of the text, I may use that in the future, lolI understand we are all different thankfully. I love 'art' just not mess because of a sensory issues connecting to my disability. X


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