thankful for toddler apps

Hey readers,

 I thought I would do a post on apps that I have found to be really good for entertaining children and useful in educating them. Firstly, I love technology I think it is the future there is no way of getting away from that. But also life is about moderation and my children have a variety of different things to entertain them through out the day. Apps is one if them, though my son has a poor concentration span and properly only goes on the tablet less then 20 minutes . But i have found apps really useful as a tool to help with entertsining, imagination and communication (my son has a speech delay). So I am going run down my top 5 apps that are great for tots to play with and have fun.

1) Cbeebies story time app is great for helping  young children to get them into reading and the fact that it is interactive helps them work with you together as a team. Also, there are a few stories to pick from and my son loves the responabily of picking the book and this has helped him stay focused on the task at hand. The books are interactive with asking questions such as can you find Mr Tumble which help keep toddlers engaged and also feel they are helping with reading the book. Finally, one more point to make is that the characters are cbeebies ones which make a connection to the child and help make reading all that more of an enjoyable experience.

2) Fisher Price animals app is a good one for younger toddlers as they have colourful pictures of animals and not only do they have animal names but also the noise to link them to the animal. Tjis helps them to help form sounds and learn about animals. On top lf thast they have fun learning the different sings too which help them occupied on the task of learning about animals and also can increase vovacbulary or start on making sounds.

3) Peppa Pig paintbox – obviously we had to have something related to Peppa Pig as it is a firm favourite for both my boys. I find this app fun and allows little ones to use there creative imagination with picking different colours and tools such as different types of brushes along with using stamp like features and frames to create pretty little pictures. I do like a mix of educational and fun apps as everything now days always seems to revolve around the education stance and it is nice to let the boys have some fun and just let them play.

4) Dip Dap (from the great stick man type  cartoon on cebeebies) is more suitable for the older toddler as it is about using ideas (bycyle for example) to create a scenario that comes together for dib dab to use in your own persl4nal cartoon strip to tell a story.  Again it is creative ideas and using general knowledge to create stories to help dip cap come alive and it is generally funny for my boy as he feels he had control over Dib Dab.

5) Educational Kit English  – is a general app to help toddlers build on the vocabulary with learning about colours, days of week, numbers, shapes etc. This tool is engaging through the use of games making it fun for little ones to learn with songs and matching words to picture. this has really helped my boys to acquire knowledge and language .

So there you have it, I hope it has been helpful. Bear in my mind that every child is different and these are my own opinions. Take what you want from it but most importantly  have fun!


Adventure of a Monkeyfooted Mummy

5 thoughts on “thankful for toddler apps

  1. We love the CBeebies app and my little ones loved the Fisher Price apps when they were tiny. My eldest is currently into Peppa Pig but we also have a flashcards app which is great for helping with learning colours, numbers and things like that 🙂


  2. They amazing at educating, I also find youtube videos an alternative method to help with colours etc – amazing how quick they pick up their knowledge. My eldest has a really bad delay in speech therapy which can hinder his development but his vocabulary is epic. That is a result of helpful tools like apps, videos etc X


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