Motor festival

At the weekend we headed out to a motor festival within the city we live in. It was free which makes it more attractive and it gives us something constructive to do. Plus, my eldest is at that age where he is constantly observing and working things out. At the festival most of it was outdoors with static exhibitions showing array of cars ranging from range rovers to old style jags. Jaguar industry has been done in coventry is there is that association and celevrating the industry. It also helps to show the motor industry history that out city has (Coventry). We visited Saturday with the glorious sunshine and a great buzzing atmosphere which was a perfect family day out. We explored all the different displays and my son was partial to the Barbie pink car (see below).

Barbie car

We attempted to try and watch the racing cars but sadly as you know with little ones are wriggly things and there was no time schedule so sadly had to give it a miss. But still had loads of fun wondering around the green, pulling grass and feeling the grass between their fingers, rolling down the small hill. Oh to be young again, hehe! 

Catch me if you can!
My sons also got the chance to run around the green area by the tress playing games and just bring typical toddlers. My son loves feeling dirt as well which properly shocks onlookers but I don’t care cause I was the same when I was younger. 

Couldn’t resist allowing them on the racing ride, though not always a good thing when they are tired later on the afternoon and cannot handle being told no! 

 An example of the car display. 
Finally, to complete the day we headed to a coffee shop for drinks and cakes, well we did walk around everywhere so made up for it 😉
My boys!

Lambretta scooter!

My youngest got the chance to come out of the push chair and have fun for a long time going up and down on chairs. Cheap entertainment eat your heart out!

Get in my belly!

Motor display

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Hey readers, I really like the concept of writting about a word a week Linky by the lovely thereadingresidance. Here is a link if you want to know more –  So, therefore could not resist in taking part. My word this week is

I chose this word as luck would have it that there has been a bit of sunshine this week which inspired me to write about sunshine. I don’t know about you but for me as a parent with two small toddlers life can be diifcult trying to manage the role of motherhood with no manual. What I have found is when the weather is more brighter and the sun is shinning the days just feel more manageable. I know that the sunshine has amazing benefits on your well being and it is a known fact that increased levels of vitamin D found from spending time in the sunshine can help depression (which I have suffered for on and off for several years). The sunshine can really make your motivation increased and not to mention more days out in the open which is an added bonus. Also, levels of sunshine can highten feel good hormones (sertion, endorphins) making it all the better to face day-to-day exsistance and feel GOOD.
What I do particularly love about sunshine is the feeling of rosey checks and the warmth you get from sunshine. It may be down to the fact that one of many cherished memories is being in the garden as a child and feeling that sun-kissed feeling across you body whilst lounging in the sun chairs and just living in ‘the moment’.
Likewise one of my faviourite things to do in the sunshine is to  lie on the grass barefooted and making objects with  the clouds.
The sunshine gives me hope as it allows me to be free mainly because i am out more, feeling like I am doing more with my life and getting away from the misery of being inside.  But ultimately sunshine makes me relaxed as everything is more bright and makes me want to indulge in retreating outside with a book and glass of ice cold ginger beer.
 I would say the best time for the sunshine is the summer months when the days are longer and I have more energy and don’t dream about sleep  as much. My body feels so good and relaxex with the sunshine. People generally feel more cherful and the atmosphere feeld more relaxed.

That’s why I love sunshine X

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Moving forward

Today me and my son had some quality time together and went out to our local park.
I found this experience a real eye opener to see my child in a different light when socialising with other children. I witnessed him be strong and stand his own ground towards the older children when he was brrning threatened. This for me was really lovely to see that he could think on his own two feet and stand up for himself. Not to mention his determination to see something through. Whilst i was I shaking like a nervous wreck while he slide down the fireman’s hose. He did it independently even if the older kids were trying to but him off because in relation to them he is rather small. They made comments such as ‘you can’t do that, your going die’. He did  go down the hose nevertheless because no one is going to get in the way of his goal but also he had already successfully attempted it five times.
I just love how fierce my son is and though I look on in fear sometimes you just got to let them experience life and the dangers as that I’d what makes them stronger and grow as a person. That is it really but overall my son has been really inspiring to watch be his own person which make  me so proud to call him my son.

Look at me mummy!

Remaining castle in local area

My son is fearless


Mighty high

Wobble wobble

I’m the king


I’m a big boy mummy

You know it’s Spring when you can blow on a dandelion, yeah!

Have a fabulous week readers X

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Top tips on how to potty train

Hey readers,

I am always thankful to find peoples blog type experience posts really helpful when I am at a lost. Therefore I thought I would provide some tips to help with potty training that has helped me.
I knew pre-training the thought of potty training scared me to death, all the scare stories seemed to really anxious at the prospect. I had heard of experiences that had been bad with training their young ones but I think that was down more to the pressure to use the potty. Personally, that was not my style but below I have listed what I did to train my child to use the potty. I know this is boasting but it only took mea week when the time was right to do it. I have listed my top tips below:-

  1. Firstly listen to your child and watch out for the signs that they are ready. For example – holding their privates, asking about the toilet etc.
  2. Let them see you use the toilet, this helps them be aware of what the toilet is and what happens when you use the toilet.
  3. I got a child friendly ‘potty book’ personally I love pirate Pete one.(personal opinion not reviewing). With the book I liked it as is interactive with the sounds, colourful and simple to understand for my boy to see the process of using the potty.  Also, it is best of get a gendered one because girls and boys have different anatomy and use the toilet differently.
  4. Be relaxed don’t but pressure on yourself or your child, they pick up on the tension and it could potentially cause a delay or regression in the training process.
  5. I started with simply having a potty in the room so that my son could explore it and get to practice sitting on it.
  6. Then after a while when my son got confident with sitting on the potty I give him periods where he would have nappy free time to try out using the potty. Now bare in my mind that accidents do happen with wees and poos on the floor but over time with encouragement they will get used to finding and using the potty. Though, as a parent you can watch out for signs for your child needing the toilet when they apear to be squatting or holding themselves crossed legged calmly place them on to the potty.
  7. Praise them for sitting on the potty and don’t critise them when they do little accidents on the floor. Just keep praising the positive behaviour and slowly they will move forward.
  8. Have a reward chart with star stickers- kids love getting involved and this really helpd reinforce positive behaviour. 
  9. Using pull up nappies are essential to help introduce them to the idea of pulling up their nappies/underwear.
  10. Remember ever child is different so take your time and though my son took a week to potty train we had months where we would constantly go back and forth due to illness.
Hope this helps and the prospect is not so daughting.
Love S X
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messy eater

Hey readers,

So, I thought I would share with you pictures of my youngest attacking a petite fleus as you do when your mummy forgets to kerp a close eye on you and given you full freedom with the pot! What else would an 18 month old do but cover himself fully in his own version of a face mask. I may add that the reason being is I got distracted as my son was being a cheky monkey running off with a banana and turning it in to slim on the floor. Yep great result at meal time, but been one of them days. So the best think to do is have a laugh and see the funny side! There is just something funny seeing kids covered with food all over their little faces. BAD PARENT!