top ten list for cheap entertainment….

Hey readers,

It’s thankful Thursday today so I am going to tell you my top ten activities I do when I’m on a budget. I am thankful for this list as it provides me with places I can go with the kids but keep it on the cheap. This has helped keep both mine and the boys sane and we have had fun which is always good.

So here is the list which you may find helpful -most of these ideas are from my own experience or some other source.

  1. IKEA baby -where do I start with this heavenly place for kids. Well firstly ice cream is 50p, get in! Secondly, they have areas designed specifically for kids like the kitchen area in the cafe area at my local one. There also plenty of stimuli to tire the little darlings out with all the different types of rooms which my son loves to explore. Thirdly it is great for wet days when you on the cheap. Fourly, if your children are old enough there is a play area where the staff look after your children while you shop child free in peace, win win! 
  2. Going to the park, there sure is enough parks where I live, and kids love them. My son particularly loves the parks with sand in them as he adores making sand castles. It is free part frtom the odd brought ice cream which is not bad for a cheap day out and you have the added benefit of  the open air for your little darlings to run of all their energy.
  3. Going to the woods, it is free and great fun for the kids to run around and climb trees, make dens and the like.
  4. Local museums tend to bebe free and during holidays have activities on for a small charge. Which is great as you don’t have to worry about cleaning up as it’s not your home. With the added bonus of feeling that your children are being ‘cultured’ and learning, brownie points to mummy there.
  5. Going to church/cathedral, cemertry (I no this may sound morbid but my granddad always used to take me and it is one off my favourite places to be). My sons both love them and I can incorperaterate my hobby of taking photos win win on both sides. It is also Free and great exercise for them to run around.
  6. My Son loves trains/buses/taxi’s basically anything relating to transport so now again we go on a trip out on the train/bus even if it is to get an ice cream at McDonald’s it is still fun for little ones as it is a change of scenery and something exciting.
  7. The library is fantastic as you can loan out books free of charge and now my boy loves to feel like a big boy and choose his own books. Obiviously I do have to double check the books to see if they are suitable. Twilight may be a bit too old fort him,teehee. The library also have story time/rythme time held weekly at my local library which both my sons love.
  8. Just going out to the supermarket is an educational trip for my sons as they get to learn about the different type of meat etc. They love it and we get our shopping done, boom!
  9. Going to the local pond to feed the ducks and swans which is so much fun particularly around Spring time as you can watch the females making nests, nesting and seeing the little baby ducks/swans transform over time into adults. My eldest loves to see things and watch changes especially when there is some sort of pattern going on. 
  10. Swimming is a firm favourite in our household as both my boys love water and not scarred at all. It is fairly cheap and I have always found that it has helped my boys sleep really good the same night they go swimming. 
Cheers for reading XX
Me and my DS2 at the park!

Museum fun.

Mummy I love the bus.

Park life!

Cheap ice cream in the kitchen play area at IKEA!

Ice cream makes me very happy mummy.
Freedom at the library for my youngest!

My boys at the ‘beachy park’

Adventure of a Monkeyfooted Mummy

The List

6 thoughts on “top ten list for cheap entertainment….

  1. Great suggestions and I love the pic at the beachy park! I love IKEA too and we often go for a walk to the “church castle” as Reuben likes to call it… he likes to have a wander around inside 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx


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