7 misconceptions about being a stay at home parent

Hey readers,

Today’s post is all about 7 misconceptions about being a stay at home parent. I just want to clarify that these are my own personal opinions you don’t have to agree but I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts on this topic.
OK so here goes my list:-

  1. So, you thing we do ‘nothing’ all day but lounge well that is not the case as a parent there is so much to do like wash, cook, clean, & shop. Trust me shopping is so fun (not) when you have a toddler that gets distracted or pulls off everything. Alternatively, the little darlings will be so kind and fall on the floor and have a major tantrum whilst all the waggly fingers come out to shame you. Not to mention the task of dressing a toddler is quadrupled with their stubborness of not wanting to cooperate.  Your mistaken if all you think is us parents are sitting around all day watching telly. I won’t lie but yes I do watch telly now and again but not much point anyway as I can hardly hear it. I know that is scanderlous but belief it or not we SAHP are not always permitely being a entertainer to the children. me personally I view my role as a SAHP like a full time job and yes I do have breaks but we deserve them with how much we SAHP have to do.
  2. It must be a ‘easy’ being a SAHP and yes in some parts it is a really rewarding to watch your little ones grow and be there to experience with them first time milestones. It is also lovely to see them turn into little people with their own personality. Not to mention the pleasure to teach them the skills that they need to learn and thrive later in life. But it is also hard work and full on being a SAHP when your ownly break at times  is a 5 mins in the toilet with lock on and they still manage to try and stick their little fingers in the bottom of the door. As a SAHP you have the wonderful highs and happy times which are a blessing however you also have to deal with the negative emotions such as frustration and anger. An example of one of my son’s tantrums when he is not getting in the way is him attemping to try and kick/hit me any old way he can or scream ‘no’ to anything as he is so tired  and  frustrated as his communication skills are not their yet with his speech delay. Oh yes you say it is easy!
  3.  I shouldn’t be tired all the time as I have not got a job and I’m at home all day relaxing. Well, my friend let me tell you this role of being a SAHP is very exhausted. At times I am an emotional wreck deaoing with such an arrey of emotions. Did I alsdl mention I have also got to deal with toddlers emotions on top. It can be very challening when you have long periods of time without break from adult conversation really amplfies them emotions which is exhausting. Did I mention the big responsibility of keeping them safe and looked after that is a huge burden to deal with as when you have toddlers that are into everything you have to be a hawk. 
  4. You must feel like you have wasted your education –  I would argue that you are enhancing your personal skills with the array of roles you take on to look after a child. The example of such roles are being  an entertainer, educator, chef, shopper, cleaner, emotional counsellor. Creative learning and being organised are cruel with parenting to keep little ones entertained and making sure they are safe. These are skills that can be used later in jobs so no I would say I have not wasted my education if anything I feel being a parent can help improve your personal development. 
  5. You must be bored all the time – well I’m not bored all the time I have so much to sort out and not much time left to be bored. There are times when I feel a bit like ground hog day  but to counterbalance that feeling I go someone new or chance the scenery that helps to relief the problem of being understimulated. I will reiterate that beinh a SAHP is a wonderful experience and watch my children grow into beautiful people.
  6. You must feel like you are losing out on your carer – no not one single bit. One I am fincially better off being a SAHP and two I’m learning so much as  person and giving my sons a stable life therefore were all winning.
  7. You are lazy – I don’t think so not with energetic toddlers around and the above examples previously mentioned I have lost that right to be. Thankfully caffine are my saviour to get me through the zoombie days!

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2 thoughts on “7 misconceptions about being a stay at home parent

  1. I have been told that I am wasting my education, and all sorts of other nonsense, I worked part time after my mat leave ended and those days are work were less exhausting than the days at home with Boo, as it's relentless no breaks and you are 'on call' 24/7 but it's the most fun. I don't get why there is so much judgement about what SAHP are doing… crazy


  2. Thank you ansd yes totally agree with it be challenging and fun. People love sterotypes I think it is easier then understanding for people. I think there is pros and cons vwith everything it you have to do what makes you and hyour family happy X


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