Mumny brain mush

Hey readers,

Yeah it’s Friday and me and hubby planned to take the boys on a trip to the choo choo train station (steam). Ok so the day arrived and bear in my mind this week has been a bit mental with appointments, Easter half term and the potential prospect of moving to a bigger property with a real garden all added on to the mix. My exhaustion levels have been really high as a result along with the flat being a mess with hubby doing D.I.Y. GRRR, mess everywhere. I drift anyhow halfway on trip hubby says look up timetables on phone, so I do only to find out that it is completely closed on all the stations. How infuriating and cross with myself with being such a Wolly and not being organised. Even after three years I still have not learnt the lesson of parenthood organisation. Anyway, cut a story short still had a lovely day out in Brewdley got to eat chips, check out local museum and gave an ice cream so for me as mummy that is a result. So, the lesson learnt is every cloud has a silver lining and you no what shit happens but the good outweighs the bad. So don’t be to hard on you yourself if your plans go skew wiff life generally follows that order and sorts it self out somehow.

Have a lovely weekend and let’s hope that sun stays out a but longer X

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