Thankful Thurday….10 things I am grateful for

Hey readers, Sometimes life can be a drag as I know with OCD, depression and autism but it is really therapeutic to take some time out from the day-in-day-out role of motherhood and that  reflect on positives. So, I have thought and wrote a list (I flipping love lists) of ten things I am grateful for being a mum, so here goes…

  1. Night time routine is a chance to wide down, share a book (my son is mad on Mr/little miss books at the moment) and I love this time spend reading as it helps but us all in a relaxed mood. Though, I love a break because it is full on intense times having toddlers but to know when you close the door of the nursery knowing that feeling that they are feed, loved and safe is so very special to me. 
  2. Early mornings can be a right royal pain in the arse at times but when my sons wake me up it brightebs my day knowing that they are full of love and life which is a joy to be woken instead of a nasty alarm clock. 
  3. How fearless my sons are and there joy for learning and innocence is wlonderful to watch and receive.
  4. Knowing that you are teaching something to someone small and I know I am not perfect mother and all but hopefully some of my good qualities will be passed on is an honour. 
  5. For the past six months now my eldest son has gone on to that stage whereby that every repsonse is ‘why?’ Which yes it can be rather tedious and irritating it does have its positives. It shows me my son wants to learn everything and he is soaking it all up like sponge which is amazing. As some children are not at all like this so I am truely blessed that my son wants to learn.
  6. Getting Into bed at the end of the day sore and tired is a drag it also shows that even though there has been the odd tantrum/meltdow it is worth the hardship  knowing that I have helped keep my sons happy, busy and have lots of fun!
  7. Having the opportunity to play on slides and swings and deemed as socially acceptable as I am with kids is a bonus! 
  8. Having noise in the house means we have a family and we are living.
  9. There is always going to be piles of clothes that feels like it will never end and dishes stacked high to the ceiling but that only means one thing that my sons  have food in their belly’s and are warm.
  10. My sons both have mummy and daddy that are equal in care. We are a unit and a family. We are solid even where faced with testing times were and that is what I  am thankful the most for.
Hope you readers have a lovely week X
Adventure of a Monkeyfooted Mummy

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thurday….10 things I am grateful for

  1. I love the way that you have turned some of the things that we grumble about as parents into positive things to be thankful for – a much better way of looking at them. I love being able to get away with playing on the swings in playgrounds when I am out with the children too!


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