Spring in one’s step

Hello peeps,

Hope your enjoying this gorgeous weather!
This weeks topic for is all about the lovely spring.
The reasons I am thankful for Spring is….

  • The lighter nights making it more pleasant and less feeling lethargic therefore having more energy, whoop!
  • Warmer weather making me crave less stodgy food and more lighter meals such as salad. ( I suffer from IBS so a bit more comfortable)
  • Getting out more in the open air
  • Exploring nature more with my boys – last week we spotted grass snakes
  • Picnics, result fun and food what more could you want
  • I sleep less when more daylight about and less tired means I can do more ‘me’ stuff like reading
  • Washing out on the line and that smell of air circulating through the clothes (childhood memory)
  •  More colourful flowers – even going attempt this year to teach my son how to do a daisy chain, whoop
  • Sandals and sunnies (when sunshine appears)
  • Teaching son about life and watching local baby birds grow and chance 
  • Warmer days meaning reduction in heating 
  • Having spring cleaning as it is fantastic feeling of cleansing and reorganising
Yes, my friend SPRING is beautiful and full of new beginnings.
Love S X
Beautiful sunshine and warmth
Yay, picnics!

Park life, outdoors, happy boys!

Pretty walks, sunshine, nature 

My DS1 exploring mole hills

Cheese, family time exploring outside in the spring!
Super Busy Mum

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