Day out: Jam Jam Boomerang soft play area

Hey readers,

Firstly happy Easter and hope your all having a lovely break and not eating too much of the kiddos chocolate, lol!

Today we are having a family day out at Jam Jam Boomerangs soft play area which I find the bestest soft play in my area and probably the best one I have ever been too. Several reasons why I hold this view is because the soft play area is harder to get to with it being located in a business park so there is more of a chance of getting in during the holidays, which is a bonus as I can’t be done with the tantrums from my eldest as he is aware what is going on.

Jam-Jams is spacious with plenty of seating and the staff keep the place tidy which makes the place a lot more pleasant to be in. Finally, there is more then one slide for little toddlers to join in as there is a whole section dedicated to the little darlings.

Anyhow, today I decided I needed to get out of the flat as it was suffocating me but the whether was pants. So, the best place to go with toddlers that can run around and get rid of all that energy indoors….you guessed it SOFT PLAY AREA. Kids love it and it gives us adults a break from all the bickering between to boisterous toddlers.

The only downfall for me personally is the challenge of these places, I will confuse I hate them as they are so loud and being autistic this is really challenging for me.  But, I put myself out there for the kids and how much they love it and it tires them out so the positives outweigh the negatives. So, if I am in the toilet shaking like an insane women you know why. Finally, did I mention the perks of sweeties and slush puppy, get in!

Hands off mummy’s slush!

DS1 happy ALWAYS in a car!
Professional escape artist!

Happy Easter X

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