Thankful Thursday – experiences.

Hey readers,

 Its that time again…THANKFUL THURSDAY.

This week I am going to be talking about five things I am greatful for which are the experces that my boys love and that I am lucky to be involved with these experiences with them.

  1. When we went on our first holiday with my DS1 in Ayre (Scotland) I will never forget the experience of my DS1 first taste of ice cream. I have NEVER seen someone so eager to get something then that moment after my son had experiencec ice cream. Boy was that baby fast that I would go as far as to go to compare it to being as nearly as fast as the speed of lightening. Plus, he looked uber cute having the ice cream make up smeared all over his face it was such a shame to waste a wetwipe. I definitely think that both of my boys are lovers of ice cream and both go mental for it and will climb all over you to get it!
  2. Obiviously, as mother it has to be there expering the moment when you meet your newborns and having them first thoughts of trying to understand how can something so small is yours and how perfect and beautiful is. Then does your life really change.
  3. When my son earlier this week saw a rainbow (he has seen them before but not really at the age to understand what mummy is chatting about) and amazing to watch my son’s mind work and amazement of seeing all them colours in the sky and working it all out, woooooowwwwwwwww!
  4. My son’s love affair with the “moooooooon” and his appreciation for the small stuff in life can not getting hecked up on the big things in life. Oh, to be that naive and simplistic in thinking…beautiful!
  5. Another experience my son adores is bubble wrap particularly the big ones and the joy of popping. Simple pleasures and learning the early rudimentary concept of cause and effect, learning and fun #bonus.
Hope you have a lovely week whatever you are doing,
Lots of love X

One day old (DS1)

“Wow, rainbow”

Birth of my DS2

Adventure of a Monkeyfooted Mummy

8 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – experiences.

  1. Aw so lovely to experience things through our children's eyes – especially things like rainbows and seeing the moon. My eldest also loves ice-cream and the moon 🙂


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