Day out – Mooch around Hinckley

Hey readers,

Way it’s Saturday… Said no SAHP, ;))
But Saturday is our family time and today we choose to do nothing particular special but visit Hinckley and have a mooch round. The last couple of days have been tough due to sick bug and just needed to get out of the house before I go insane! 
It was great as there were loads of charity shops which meant updating the kids book shelf with some new books and my eldest currently loves the little men books. 
We also decided to go out to cafe for lunch  which was ok apart from the massive slice of cucumber, and everything deep fried  lol. Must remember to research places beforehand because decision making and tiredness are never good combo! It was not particular fun and hard work to entertain a VERY active toddler who only ate two chips! So, hubby thought it be good to take DS1 out to stop him becoming too bored and causing too much stress, grr. Cheers for that responsibility which was tough I am not going lie major meltdown which is fun with the lovely old dears throwing dangers. Sickness sucks in toddlers, grrrr! 
Anyway, to try and calm down my son I told my son to pick a toy which resulted in ANOTHER nosy toy and chocolate, yeah I know full time member of the bad parent club. But to be fair I was knackered and emotional at this point as well as feeling yukky myself.
Anyway, good cop saved the day again and my personal life saver in keeping everything together. After ten minutes the day turned out well with me purchased a little bit of crap in B&M one of my fav shops as a mother, yah! 
My DS1 enjoyed exploring the simplest of things which will always be treasured for me, couple of them captured in photos below ⬇⬇⬇

My favourite number is 16!

Look at meeeeeeee!

It’s a horse in a town naturally!

My DS1 loves maps, fact!

Anyhow, back at home with tea and Thornton’s chocolate with my feet well and truly up.

Hope all have a lovely Weekend.

Lots of love S X

mummy daddy me

6 thoughts on “Day out – Mooch around Hinckley

  1. Yes I love a thrift find, yes it is so much easier without kids but boy the mother guilt for me personally makes it difficult, I am sure with time it will be a joy 😝 X


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