10 things I want for my boys

Hey readers,

I thought I would compile a top ten desires that I wish for my sons to acquire. So here goes: –

  1. Happiness, obviously essential in my opinion, do whatever it is to reach happiness as long as no one is getting hurt.
  2. Appreciation for life and the small things as beauty is everywhere
  3. Your own mind to use it in a creative way that makes you HAPPY
  4. Please be kind to one another
  5. Enjoy nature, people take it for granted but it is something else beyond beautiful
  6. Learn the art of moderation, I know mummy hates it but I promise you it will make life easier and a more smoother ride
  7. Read because boy is it a great escapism and has helped me in times of need
  8. Don’t take life too seriously – don’t think what needs to be done just enjoy the moment and simply be
  9. Don’t rely on money it only lasts in the immediate moment but later you wull be screwed
  10. Be true to yourself 
Love to hear your list of wants for your child/children.

Lots of love, S X
The List

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