Thankful Thursday – brotherly love

Hey readers,

This Thursday I am thankful for my son’s brotherly love for one another. For me when I first had my DS2 I was very anxious about how my eldest would deal with the change of dynamics in the household. Gone are the times of the undivided attention solely given to my DS1 it now has to be shared between both of my sons. Totally a shock to the system for me and my DS1 when my youngest arrived. At first my DS1 was very wary and quite hostile towards my DS2. For example, when I was given my DS2 a feed my DS1 would jump all over me and DS2 in order to separate us. This was an extremely stressful time for me and in reflection my son too.  It is so same hard to deal with chance and took a long time to adapt. I would say at least six months realistically to adapt to changes. 

Over time things fell into a routine particularly after we moved DS2 into the nursery with DS1. This helped formed a connection between the boys. Gradually as my DS2 started to form his own personality and awareness of others a relationship between my two sons emerged. Yeah there is TONS of rough and tumble, arguments over a frozen pea, jealousy etc. But most of the time there is laughter, love and a connection between my sons. So, when I do feel like I am going to lose my mind I shall remember that the good times out weigh the bad. And I am blessed that both boys love one another. 

Adventure of a Monkeyfooted Mummy

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