Day out – Birmingham Botanical Gardens

This weekend we ventured out for a family day out to Birmingham Botanical Gardens ( which is in the Edgebaston area of Birmingham not far from the city centre. We went on a Saturday and there was plenty of car spaces within their own car park. It was a fantastic day out for us all and there was plenty to see. We did have a picnic there though there is a cafe but bear in mind the prices are pricey. The sun was out which makes family days out a whole lot more pleasant and less to bring, bonus! There are several sections within the place but the bestest part for my kiddiewinks were the lushous green rolling hills for them to roll down. The most hilarious part for me was watching my DS2 work out how to use his balance as he has not experienced hilly hilly places much. I just adore toddler waddle don’t you, haha!

Freedom waddle!

The outing give us a chance for my DS1 to practice walking about as he is still learning and getting him to walk for longer periods. Which to his credit has done exceptionally well and on the day walked a good old 2-3hrs. Compare that to my oldest that’s impressive but DS1 is lazy but he slowly getting better. The trip also give my DS2 a change to learn to balance a bit better.
Both boys enjoyed the environment particularly the fountain which given half the chance my DS2 would jump in, haha! So, I did use the wrist strap to stop him wondering off as he was partial to the pebbles on the floor and getting his hands of the puddles. Oh the joys! Though my DS2 was not overjoyed at the prospect of his lack of freedom due to the restraints and had good old sit on the floor tantrum. 

 Grumpy pants!

 Meet your new daddy son!

Me loves water as it creates mess, mhahaha! 
Their was also a great playground and one ride where you sit and spin round. I say this but my darling eldest is not one to be convential in play. I say that he only plays 2% Of the time with toys at home as he much prefers to mimic adults/objects such as trains so therefore has a great imagination. So, when he saw this Spinny ride well he was in heaven with playing the role of a train instructor and running round instead of actually sitting on it. Bless him and normally his attention span is small but he did this for an hour. 
Tickets please!

Anyway, there is a children’s section but it was closed off  due to redevelopment but the child’s maze was still available play with. which both my boys loved and the older children love my DS2 as he is so little and angelic like.  That was  a joy to watch my eldest socialise as now again me and hubby worry that he might be autistic (I am) so chances higher but other times we think nah he is ‘normal’ but it does not matter whatever we just want him to be happy! 
So overall we stayed a good 3hrs or more and greatly knackered my little darlings to sleep. Yeah right three times they woke up that night, sods ;)! Oh did I mention at the end of trip hubby likes to buy something in the gift shop, yeah ten pounds suddenly leaked out of purse, pfft! 
Lots of love, S. 

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