Thankful Thursdays – 19th Match 2015

Hey readers,

Today I want to celebrate nature as it is so beautiful even when you live in a concrete jungle there will always beauty somewhere around the corner. It is great to explore with little ‘uns. I think it is really important to appreciate what you have got as it is very easy to judge others and be bitter. OK, I live in a flat not ideal and would love to have a house with as garden as nothing so beautiful then being outside in the open air. But I don’t and we can’t always get what we want. But what I am greatful for is living up on 16th floor and having views to die for. You would not believe the amount of green in the city but there is TONS far and wide.

My beautiful city!
I’m particular greatful for the fact that down the road from where I live is a little urban type gardens which is beautiful greenage and full of nature for my sons to explore. They are called The Lady Herbert Gardens.  Below is some pictures of them.

Anyhoos, that’s what I am thankful this Thursday for 🙂

Lots of love S X

Adventure of a Monkeyfooted Mummy

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