Day out: Coombe Abbey Country. Park

 Every week I aim as a family to do something where that be a meal, the zoo, park or feeding the ducks. It gives my eldest something to look forward and I love exploring new places. Today we chose Coombe Abbey Park in Coventry as it is a lovely country park and great for kids to walk about in the open air. Plus decided to have a picnic as well so was a fairly cheap day out and great way to get the kids to sleep well tonight, result!

 I love being in the open air and hate confided spaces which was lovely and it helped give me a break from mundane boring mummy stuff I have to do. My eldest is really quizzical and really loves exploring which I love that side of his personality. We stumbled across a tree that had but cut down and he adored asking questions about the difference between this dead tree and the living trees around. In simple terms I explained about the tree dying and the role of oxygen and alive trees which really did blow his mind. Below are piccies of the fun family day out!

My youngest enjoying freedom

Spring has sprung!

After exploring the forestry area we went over to the kiddy playground  which is amazing as all the playground rides were hand made from wood and well thought out with different areas for different ages. There were swings and slides and plenty of ‘bouncy’ type rides with the area being well looked after. I found that people respected the rules of no dogs allowed in the designated area which been to some parks which don’t. Security of the park felt safe as it was far away from the road that you didn’t have to worry and the doors were instantly pulled back to closing position. I felt the place clean and had good toilet facilities which is always a bonus in my eyes. It is definitely a  place I will be returning much more so in the summer when it is not so cold but worth a visit nonetheless as it is a picturesque place to visit and watch the wildlife and walk.

Hope your enjoying your weekend,

Love S X

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