who would of thought five little things could cause so much pleasure!

This afternoon I had the luxury of drum roll…. a hot shower, yes that’s right five minutes peace all to myself, beautiful! The joys of motherhood has really made me appreciate the small things in life that before pre kids took for granted. So on that theme to break myself into blogging I am going to write about 5 of the little things that I appreciate now that I am a MUMMY!

1) Peace – that’s right having no noise and the ability of thinking straight without the fog and constant breaking up fights between my two boys!

2) Having a wee without that one time where I don’t see little fingers trying to squeeze in at the bottom of the door. Or my eldest timing exceptional bang on needing the toilet when I am in the bathroom trying to have my five minutes to myself, pfft!

3) Getting to make a brew and then drinking it hot,not luke warm but HOT, one can dream and miracles have happened now and again.

4) Something so very, very rare a lie in , its almost sounds foreign when I say them words.

5) Shopping on my own without the kiddos and not having to pre plan my every step with the buggy, hurrah!  Amazing how much less time is needed to run around shame mummy guilt slips in, sigh!

Lots of Love,


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