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This is because my eldest has been practing all his new songs and singing ecerynight. He has a Christmas perfomance next week and is really uthesatic about it. He is super excited to be performing so I have spend a lot of my evenings hearing him singing away at a very high pitch😉

In other news, we got our tree up and that was fun decorating it with the boys. Although, shhh, me and hubby later in the evening re-arranged the decorations or else it would look somewhat uneven. Which is fine but at top looks so bare, haha!

I have also nearly done all the christmas present shopping, whoop. We need to get the main present which is a doll’s house from Asda. Which I am super excited as hubby finally caved ina dn we are going to be getting it. It is massive but luckily we have found a suitable for it to live.

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Christmas Traditions

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We all have them memories of things we did in our childhood, especially for Christmas that we hold on to and want to share with our children. I am going to share some of mine that we do for my children at Christmas.

Let’s start with a golden oldie, leaving a plate with a mince pie, carrot and drink on the night of Christmas Eve. Obliviously, we as parents will have to leaves some crumbs and icing sugar to let child know Santa has been. In the morning when they see the plate they are beyond happy especially as they link to presents.

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Having a select day to decorate the tree in December with the kiddos happens every year. It is a challenge for us parents to not want to kill our children due to the chaos but overall it is jolly good fun. That does not stop us adults though sneakily later on in the evening go and rearrange the tree.

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On Christmas Eve we get into our comfy clean pjs to settle down early evening and watch whatever ‘premiere’ child friendly cartoon is on and this year. I can guarantee this will be no different this year with we are going on a bear hunt airing on Christmas Eve.

Another tradition that we do is write a letter to Santa to let him know that your child has been good and what your child would dearly love this year. This year my eldest basically wanted everything in Smyth’s store😉

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Followed by at Christmas we do a reply letter from Santa, AKA mummy to tell my little darling how lovely they have been and let’s forget all about the bad times, because Christmas is meant to be all lovely and warm. This will be left for Christmas Day.

Every year with my children we make a Christmas decoration (brought form the lovely Poundland) to go on our Christmas tree.

Finally, the last thing I love doing with my children is on Christmas Day after dinner going for a walk, more than likely to the park. There is something lovely about going outdoors when the majority of people are indoors. There is a strange type of eeriness to it.

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The Gifts To Get If You’ve Got An Endless Budget

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Imagine if you had an endless budget this Christmas. If either you could buy your loved ones whatever they wanted, or they could get you whatever you wanted. Wouldn’t it be a dream? It might even be the case for you, and if it is, this list should be just what you’ve got on your mind.

But, if not, it could be what you’d ask for if you have an imaginary budget to buy whatever you liked with. These are just a few ideas, but if you could get away with anything this Christmas, and get your hands on a gift of your dreams, what would it be?

A Bit Of Bling

Maybe it would be some diamond jewellery? If you’ve always been a lover of glittering gems and sparkly stones, then jewellery would be the best gift for you. Perhaps your Mum or best friend loves her bling. If you had an endless budget what would you buy for her? Take your decision and downscale it a bit, you might just find a gift to get her with the budget you’ve got.

A Whole New Bed

One of life’s biggest luxuries is the ability to go to sleep in stunning surroundings. And no, that doesn’t have to be a desert island. Sleep is something we all do, no matter the paths we’ve walked in life. So, it’s important to be well-rested as best as you can be. If you had an endless budget, who in your life would love a new bed? Or maybe it’s what you’d ask for? Why not even add a new bedding set or quilted mattress cover to the list too. They could even be the gifts you get for those that love their sleep.

A Winter Getaway

Winter sun is beautiful. When you’re fed up of the cold mornings and extended dark nights, you can take comfort in the fact that a sunny paradise is just a few hours away. If your budget has now bounds, play roulette with some of the world’s most incredible destinations and see where you end up. But, if you’re on a budget, see where it will stretch too. You might even decide to scrap the idea of gifts for each other altogether and all chip in on a family holiday in the sun instead.

Shopping Spree

What girl doesn’t love a shopping spree? Gift cards are always a good idea, no matter what anyone tells you. There was a time when it was considered thoughtless to give a gift card as a present. It was if you hadn’t tried hard enough. But now, it’s one of the best presents a girl can get. If your budget was unlimited, you might even go to town n your favourite store with the largest amount you could buy. But, if you’re budget won’t allow that, why not pick up a gift card in an amount that it can? It’ll be the best present any shopaholic could ask for!

Just because your budget isn’t endless, it doesn’t mean that you can’t pick (or ask for) some pretty amazing inexpensive gifts. Just be creative about how you choose them, and you’ll be sure to select them.

Family Holidays In Winter? The Locations That Will Have You Running For Your Debit Card



You either love winter or hate it. Some people can embrace this time of year due to the festivities that are nearly upon us, but some like to use this time to travel and take breaks away with their family. You have a choice to make, you can either find the sun, or enjoy what winter has to offer in some other countries, where it seems to be much more magical, yet colder. So I thought it would be good to share with you some of the best locations that you could travel to during the winter, I bet some will inspire you to make a booking for the future.

Keep the magic alive during the festive season by heading to Lapland.

At this time of year, it’s natural for your mind to wander to Christmas, and for children that will mean a visit from Father Christmas if they happen to be on the nice list. While many families will visit a grotto of some sort, why not head to where the magic happens and book a trip to Lapland? Not only will you get to visit the main man himself, but you could also experience some amazing things like sleigh rides and witnessing the norther lights. It could be a truly memorable holiday your whole family will love.

Experience lots of winter fun in Sweden 

Let’s be honest, winter can be a little wet and miserable. But going to countries like Sweden means you could experience winter in all it’s glory, snow and all. Sweden for families has much to offer. You could consider hiring a cottage where all the family could stay, indulging in evenings all wrapped up around the log fire. Or head to the slopes for some skiing action. Thankfully, many resorts offer ski schools for younger children and even creche facilities, if you want to enjoy some of the faster slopes.

Head for some sun by taking a trip of a lifetime to Australia

If the sun is what you are after, and it is currently winter, then why not head to a country that is just about to experience Summer? Are you still with me?Australia has the season at the opposite end to us, due to being below the equator, so it’s possible to experience a full on summer holiday by heading somewhere like that. Australia has much to offer any family, from beach filled days at Bondi beach to a great city vibe in the city of Melbourne. You won’t be disappointed, but it could be a long way to go, so ensure you plan this trip to make the most of your time.

Enjoy a city break away to Estonia.

If you want to embrace the festive spirit whole heatedly then head to a country that knows how to put on a Christmas market, that is Estonia. Rich in culture with a relaxed vibe, it will be impossible to not feel ready for Christmas once you have visited this place.

I hope this has inspired you with a few different destinations to consider for a winter family holiday.

Things you can get away with because it’s Christmas.

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Christmas is a funny old time of year, everything that is ‘normal’ suddenly goes out of the window. Then it is replaced with temporary social rules that are seen as acceptable, whereas in any other situation that behaviour could be potentially frowned upon.

Take alcoholic beverages for example, when it is Christmas you can get away with drinking any old time. It doesn’t matter whether it is morning, midday or evening although, ideally people expect you to be sozzled by the time the Queen’s speech is on. Any other time you of thinking of drinking alcohol during the day you would be labelled an alcoholic.

Mulled Wine, Bottles, Christmas Market

What is it with chocolate at Christmas, you start Christmas day morning opening chocolate and then you just carry on nibbling away resulting in children bouncing of the walls with relatives telling you how to manage your children.

That leads me nicely on to the next point of the fact, Christmas is all about stuffing your face with calorific food. It is alright at Christmas to have four meals with snacks in between. We are so over indulging in gluttony during this festive time, forget about moderation and all the other ‘messages’ about eating healthy. Christmas time is all about what you can eat like a pig because no one bats an eyelid and in fact those people are more likely to buy you some more chocolate as present, because you can not enough sugar.

Christmas Food, Ham, Potato, Food

Christmas is the time when the only numbers you have to worry about is when Eastenders is on, forget about the calories as it is a free calorie zone for the foreseeable few hours.

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No guilt what so ever about the telly being on all day long blasting out, it’s socially acceptable during Christmas period to watch TV for 10 hours if you please. How else are you going to get through the afternoon with granddad snoring in the chair and your children of their tits on sugar/

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Who needs routine when you can do as you please on this special day. Forget all about the rules and lets add disruption to the order of the day.

Sit on your arse, watch TV, eat the mountain of chocolate with the drink in the hand at two in the afternoon and do SOD ALL. Why, because it’s Christmas, you can be lazy and do nothing during the Christmas period. The main goal is to relax and make the most of it without the guilt, because who needs guilt on Christmas.

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You can wear pj’s all day long if you desire without anyone passing judgement or calling you a a chav/jobless scum of the earth. Because IT’S CHRISTMAS and the more lazy  you are the better!

For parents you may secretly help the child with finishing the chocolate after boxing day as they can’t live of the mountain of chocolate given from the grandparents.

I suppose the best bit for a parent, like myself, is that I don’t have to feel guilty about the indulgent food or the telly being on or even the fact I am looking at my phone too much. It is the one day that the rules can be broken and anything goes. Mummy guilt can fuck off for one day in the year, result!

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Chalking About (review)

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I was recently asked to review Chalkola chalk pens. Chalkola is a small family business that focus of providing fun and a variety of chalk pens. They are the best selling chalk pen on Amazon in America.

I have got two packs – party pen markers with a 6mm  bullet tip. The colours of the pens are vibrant and fun. The other pens are earthy and lighter in colour with a 5.5mm bullet tip.


The chalk pens are a funky way of decorating an area. The pens can be used on a variety of services such as whiteboards, windows, jars (Chalkola also do specific chalkboard labels  for mason jars as well), menus in cafes, windows etc.

The chalk pens can also be used as a way to celebrate occasions such as mothers day, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, wedding etc.

The chalk pens are non-toxic and water based making it really easy to clean off a service with wet kitchen paper. The pens are also quick drying so making it really quick and easy to use.

If you have children then they can be used from three years old and are a fun way to be creative with them. What I like is the fact that they are easier then traditional chalk and you don’t have to the hassle of cleaning up the chalk dust that goes everywhere. The pens are child friendly and can be washed off clothing.The pens themselves are easy to wash off your hands.


Testing out the product myself I found them they were really easy to use. They have a good grip, however you can not put the lid on top of the pens and leave it there as they do not securely fit. This is a tat frustration but nothing that you can not deal with.

I really liked the fun design of the party chalk pens with the spots on them. My husband really liked the earthy pens with the circuit board style design at the end of the pen. For me who gets confused and mixes things up a lot the different design of pen is easy way to identify so you know which pens go with the style.



When writing with the pens they have a nice flow of chalk and I found them really smooth to write with.

Overall, I can’t really fault the pens, there fab for writing with, easy to clean and fun way to get creative with kids or adults. Definitely recommend this product to friends and family.

Husband’s piece of art with the chalk pens on a plate.

What is better is when you can give the pens to your husband to play with and piece and quite for five minutes.

I have a 20% flat discount on all Chalkola products. All you need is this coupon code:


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I was given this product inexchange for a review. All opinions exchanged are honest and my own.