What I miss about the 90’s!

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Remember the decade of the nighties, can’t believe it is so long ago but lets take a moment to celebrate some of the gems of the 90’s

1) Being a child and not giving one thought about responsibility or care about the consequences, them were the days when you didn’t have to battle your way through as an adult.

Feet, Shoes, Sneakers, Legs

2) Making my own mix tapes with cassettes (yeah them thingsūüėČ ) and the real effort of getting the timing right so you get he start and the end of the song.

Cassette, Tape, Audio, Music, Songs

3)  You were less reachable, there was no such thing as social media, well apart from dial up and that is another story. If you wanted to reach someone you had to call them and that would have to be after six as well.

4) I loved playing Mindsweep, what a simple but addictive game.


6) I loved Goosebumps books that I could lose myself in. They were a little dark but that was what was so appealing to me.

Image result for goosebumps book

7) The time when Freddo’s st 10p, shock horror and you could get sweets for 1p.

Cadbury's Freddo Chocolate Bar  - 60 pieces

8) Jim Carey brought out quality films and he was God in the cinema world.

Image result for The Mask

9) Things had more meaning to them as they were harder to get cds or books. They seemed to hold more value because of the cost and the fact that you had to saves ages to get something. There was less of it making it more appealing and valuable.


The best game ever was Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Mega Drive.



10) There was less violence in the news compared to every single day there is some horror story about something or other or maybe because I am rose tinted glasses on and a little biased.



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Best of Worst

Ideas to make your home spooktacular for Halloween

Hey readers,

As October is fastly approaching I thought why not put a wish list of all things Halloween themed to give that extra chill fact. I hope they inspire you with some ghoulish ideas!


  1. Pumpkin lanterns string lights from Matalan for £5.99.
  2. Pack of 2 spider cob webs with spiders from Amazon for £2.59 + free p&p.
  3. Happy Halloween banner from  Waitrose for £4.00.
  4. Creepy pumpkin 2M tinsel form Wilko for £1.00.
  5.  Halloween Light Lantern with Flickering LED Candle from B&M for £4.99.
  6. Hotel Translavina DVD from Amazon for £2.99.
  7.  Orange and black balloons 10 pack from Wilko for £1.00.
  8. White pumpkin ornament form T K Maxx for £9.99.



Whatever way you celebrate Halloween, I hope you have a frightful time!


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Autisitic Parenting

Hey readers,

Well my son has started school and one of the problems I struggle with being as an autistic mum is socialising with other parents.

The dreaded waiting at the school gates with the deathing noise makes my head spin. I physically shake and want to stim so badly that I need to control myself in order to mask these problems I deal with.

I know you ask why, why don’t I just be me. But it is not just me, it is my son as well. I am part of him and what I do influences him. Maybe not obviously but in the subtle ways with speaking to parents and getting that invite to a friend’s birthday. People judge sadly and what I do can include or isolate him, as sad as society is.

The hard thing for me as a parent is to appear shy/enigma in order to not let people see the real me as I am hyperactive/spontaneous, might not say the right thing. Laugh and be childish and not click with others.

No one ever prepares you for this and how it will influence your son’s confidence. Will I further fuck him up if I be me, should I hide away in order to make my son blend in better. Or should I be authentic as it provides my son of understanding disability and difference making him more acceptable of others that are different (not necessarily autistic). Just one mould fit it appears in this modern culture I feel and that all problems should  hide away as it still a taboo to be honest with children without some professional having a fit and pretending that everything is fluffy and cosy in life.

These are the kind of decision I have to make. I am currently taking a step back from school duties as the anxiety is so high and pariona is kicking in.

They say life is too short and you should just do what the fear wants you not to do. But to what extend is this not a good idea anymore.

Baby steps are hard for me as it is grey, I am all or nothing and I find it hard once I have an idea in my head to stop myself in committing to it fully. Alternatively I just shut down and have no interest in participating in the demotivated situation I have to face.All I want to close off, cry my eyes out, feel what is the point in doing it all. Should I have been a parent? do I have that right? and similar thoughts take over my thinking.

Nothing is ever clear, no right or wrong answers which for my autistic brain feels overwhelmed and can trigger a meltdown in order to try and regulate how I feel.

Autism is selfish or is it people don’t see I am trying to work my ass off that little bit more as every day is struggle and I have to make decisions fast.

it is frustrating when people think oh she doesn’t look autistic or she can walk down the road or she can communicate. When really most of it is planned, scheduled and played out like a script. Most of the time I am blagging it with the information I hold from past experiences/observing or reading how others deal with this as a parent.

Don’t judge me when you see me, I am scared because I don’t know what I am doing.

I am not good with emotions, they are messy and I don’t do messy.

I like order and structure, I like steps that have a sequence. When it is spontaneous and no order I am scared and my anxiety reaches new heights.

SO this is what I am currently trying to work my way through and yeah I can do a course and have some rules. But then things change, situation/environmental/age etc influence the shit I have to deal with. As we all know change is the enemy of an autistic person.

It is all very well having short stints of parenting courses to guild you but for an autistic person we need continuous support and sadly it is always because of the funds and people like to group everything in one category.

I always find it ironic that autistic people like logical order but that disability is so grey and complex it is unreal.

That is it that is one the many battles I undergo as an autistic parent and we haven’t even reached pubescent years…..oh what joy!


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Spectrum Sunday


‚ÄčHey readers,
My word of the week is

This is becuase it has slowly been getting that bit by bit darker, which I have been enjoying as it is my faviourite time of the year.

I have loved cooler evenings, watching more films, reading more, snuggles under the throws and pillows.

Anyway, I shall also mention my eldest who has started to really enjoy reading his books and learning to write his name. He loves reading his book fron school to us and his brother. There are as no words in the book and he just loves chatting away in great detail about all the things that are happening in the picture.

 As someone who learnt to read and write at the age of 10 I know how important it is and you could say I am a little more encouraging then  to help enjoy it. Though to be fair to the boy doesent really need much encouragement at all as he is has such much love for learning that I don’t have to worry! 

Cheers for reading X 

The Reading Residence

Lunch Time, Fun Time


Hey Readers,

I have joined in with #FloraLunchBox Challenge, whereby I will test out one of the Flora food lunch idea for my boys. I picked form the¬†Flora Lunchbox Guide¬†to tailor to my son’s needs. They eat Mediterranean ¬†couscous, bread with flora spread on, tomatoes followed by apple and a yoghurt.




What I liked about Flora website is that it is easy to navigate, ¬†with it’s clear sub category menu at the side.

I found the recipes simple and clear to follow the step-by-step instructions which also includes pictures perfect for the visual learner.

I love the recipe section as it gives a diverse range of chose but for me personally I prefer built you own lunch box as you can pick appropriately for your child’s preference. As some of the food I¬†struggle to give to my children as they are young and they have problems digesting it such as a bagel or pitta bread. I mean they like the idea of the food and even chew it but they really struggle to eat it that they will give up.

I like the variety and the mix and match of lunch ideas and it helps to work around your child’s needs and preferences.

In an ideal world I would love my sons to eat all the vegetables and food but sometimes I don’t have the money to provide it sadly or they don’t like the food or texture. My son is five and only the past few months as he has a grow in his¬†repertoire of¬†food. ¬†That saying I always put on the plate to try the food item.

My boys will eat  one or two fruit and vegetables but most of the time at the moment we would have to hide it in their meals as a way to help get the food into their diet. Such recipes that have been successful is spaghetti bolognese, lasagne etc.

I know as a parent that food and being creative to encourage my sons to eat can be difficult. I want my sons to eat healthy and have variety in their diet but sometimes life is not straightforward.

Food is important and it is a source of energy especially when children are at school all day long running around. It is sad to see that the results from a Flora  that have found only 1.6% of  children receive a packed lunch that meets nutritional standards set for school meal.

Though it does not surprise me what with with the cost of fruit and vegetables is so high in the supermarkets. Time and time again I see offers that are financially better for you but hardly any great deals for fruit and vegetables. Even on line looking at coupons  online to help reduce your shopping cost there are hardly any there suitable for healthy eating. I think is a big problem with how supermarkets profit from unhealthy food that they rather not work to helping it easier for families to eat better and help with reduction of the cost of fruit and vegetables. They would lose out and you question who really benefits from it in the grand scheme of it all.

In the research carried out by Flora half of primary school pupils take a packed lunch to school. Only 1 in 5 of those packed lunch contain any vegetables or salad. Within the lunch box food 52%-60% had too many sweet and savoury snacks which contained saturated fat, sugar and salt that had not the right amount of minerals and vitamins for a child’s diet.

The Lead researcher of the study carried out by Dr Charlotte Evans only found a small improvement from a decade ago with 1.1% passing the standard recommendation of school meals. The minority of children (17%) who eat vegetables and salad had not altered since 2006, it found.

That is why¬†Flora ¬†is good to include in a child’s meal as simple as spreading it on bread as Flora contains lower in saturated fat then butter and contains omega 3 and 6. Every tub contains plant oils, sunflower, rapeseed and linseed oils.¬†These essential fats contribute to the Flomaintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels and are also needed for normal growth and to support the development of children. Flora also recently launched Flora Freedom. This is a 100% dairy free product, which is free of preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, and like the rest of the Flora range is approved by The Vegetarian Society. Therefore there is something for everyone and it is great to put on bread or add to your cooking where cooking it with pasta or on the sweetcorn of your cob.





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‚ÄúThis post is an entry for the #FloraLunchbox Linky Challenge, sponsored by Flora. Check out their lunch planner and recipe ideas here <http://www.flora.com/article/category/1104207/healthy-kids >‚ÄĚ.

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