Birthday gifts inspriation

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Sometimes it can be hard to come up with unique and quirky ideas for presents that. I love trying to find something different and I have found a perfect website called Old English Company.

I have chosen a few items which would make a lovely gift. First of all, we have some lovely modern enamel pins with catchy sayings or designs to add a bit of character to your clothing or bag.


Next on the list is pillowcases to add a bit humour to the bedroom and give you a smile in the morning 🙂

pillow case.png

Finally, who does not love a bit of stationary to get excited about? Nothing beats having new stationary that smells glorious and makes you feel like you have your s**t together. Plus, how beautiful are the designs to make that gift uber nice for that special person in your life.


Brushstroke weekly agenda A5 notepad.

Go get em tiger A5 planner.

There is beauty in simplicity A5 wiro notepad.

Hustle – a4 wall planner.

Also, if you do go check out the website they host competitions and the current one is a chance to win three enamel pins pictured below.

Old English Prints

I hope this has inspired you for ideas for something a bit different for birthday presents.

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I was gifted items in exchange for this post. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.



Hey readers,

I have Asperger’s Syndrome, a mild form of autism (though to me it is not mild and it is present every day in my life).

Though there are so many areas to discuss autism today I am going focus on one thing that affects me and causes great distress at the moment. That is the word ‘maybe’, which by the way I hate it and I hate it in relation to a response to a question. It is covered in grey and makes me stressed, especially when it is a response to a question which I want a definite answer (which 90% of the time).

Birds II

You see as an autistic person I like control, I like to know what is happening. I love routine it comforts me. Sometimes I admit I get too rigid that I get struck and obsessive making my health deteriorate. One of the reasons is because I like black and white, I don’t like the murky waters of the unknown. I never have, I feel it is innate and my body responds instantly. I can remember as a young child-hating change and uncertainty. I had carers who seemed unpredictable which is not great if you have an autistic mind like myself you get very confused as to what is happening.  I was on edge not knowing how someone would respond. I had night terrors because of the fear. That is just one example.

chicago night traffic

Maybe I will, maybe I won’t? but why can’t I have a yes or a no? Often, I didn’t care either way, I was more focused on the answer to be certain. I don’t like guessing games, I like certainty.

The blue window 02

I don’t know really what is the point to the point of this post, I just wanted to get it off my chest because right now I am dealing with maybe which quite frankly is most infuriating.

cheers for reading X

It is all about the wedding venue

Hey readers,

Silchester House is an exclusive use, country house wedding venue located on the Berkshire and Hampshire border

My ideal wedding venue would be….

A wedding venue is a very important part of a wedding. I think it is one of the crucial things to think about, as it the one aspect of a wedding that gets a lot of your budget.

The wedding is a special time that you want to make just right for you and your partner. I know a lot of people would go abroad but for me staying in England would be amazing because I am proud of where I am from. It would also keep costs down and easy to get the guest to travel without having to deal with the hassle of flights and other stuff.

When I am thinking about my own dream wedding venue it has to be in a location that is aesthetically pleasing and that it is a special place that I am comfortable with hosting my special day at.

I would ideally like a venue with character and style that sets a scene. like the idea of places that hold history and memories for others. An example of a  lovely property that is beautiful in appearance is Silchester House.

I do love being around nature, as it would be my favourite place to be. I  would love to have an area full of natural beauty, green and trees to help create a  relaxed environment for the day. Not to mention the open space would be spot on for the photos for the wedding, making sure that there is plenty of space for all the guests to be included when having photographs taken.

A different advantage of having a large open space outside would be for me as a parent and be having guests with children would be the open space for children to run about and play. It can be easy for children to get bored being stuck inside a building all day that it would be really good for them to escape outside.  It then also gives them the change to create their own fun memories instead of being stuck indoors being bored all day. Means that the adults and the children are happy, win-win.

Advice for the bride and groom when considering a wedding venue….

Some advice I would give to the groom or bride when thinking about a wedding venue is about the size of the location with regards to how many people are coming to the wedding and how accessible it is for guests travelling.

One suggestion I would make when considering a wedding venue would be to make sure that you check out the venue prior to the wedding. I would recommend visiting the location twice because I am a bit of a control freak and like to make sure everything is A-OK. Visiting the venue before the wedding is a great way to suss out if that location feels right for you.

When thinking about the location and if you are doing a theme does it fit with the image you want it to be? If you are planning to do something outside bear in mind that different seasons come with the different weather. So you need to think carefully about the time of the year you plan your wedding. For example, if you chose to have fireworks as a feature in your wedding you don’t really want it in the winter. People will not really enjoy standing around wet and cold. Small things to consider but are important things to think about so that on the big day everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Cheers for reading X

This post is a collaboration with Bijou wedding venues. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 


23 signs your an adult

Hey readers,

Do you ever wonder whether you are a fully fledged adult, well check my list of 23 signs you are an adult to see?

Image result for adulting

1) You pay your bills.

2) You learn that being an adult isn’t all that cracked up to be.

3) You know how to manage money.

4) You save up for different things.

5) You learn how to tightly manage your money at the end of the month.

6) you daydream about the times when you were young and carefree with no responsibilities.

7) You don’t give a s**t what is on the chart.

8) You haven’t the foggiest who is number one.

9) You listen to podcasts.

10) You have a backache.

11) You don’t mind having nothing to do, in fact, it is something you enjoy.

12) You go to bed at a reasonable time.

13) You have to google new trend terms.

14) You can successfully do the laundry all by yourself.

15) You stand up for what you believe in.

16) You can’t be arsed to do all-nighters anymore.

17) You love your bed, at times even fantasy about it during the day.

18) You don’t care really what is cool anymore.

19) You enjoy choosing things whether music, fashion, movies etc just because bloody like them and sod anyone else who doesn’t.

20) Your life didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to but that is ok because you learn life is actually not linear but dame right messy.

21) You enjoy the mornings because you get stuff done. Note when I say mornings I mean 4AM with no kids about, haha.

22) You accept feedback without wanting to rip someones head off dare they think differently.

23) You learn to express yourself clearly.

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Quick and easy chocolate sponge cake


Hey readers,

Looking for a simple effect chocolate sponge cake. Then check out my recipe below.


150g milk chocolate

6oz self-raising flour

6oz sugar

6oz butter

3 eggs

7-inch cake tin



1) Preheat the oven 170c and grease the sandwich tin and line with parchment paper.

2) Put all the sugar and butter into a bowl and mix together with an electrical whisk.

3) Crack all the eggs into a jug, then slowly pour a little egg into the mix and whisk. The consistency should be creamy.

4) Next gradually add the flour and mix into the mixture until the flour is all mixed in.

5) Melt the chocolate in the microwave for a minute and then mix into the mixture.

6) Pour the mixture into the cake tin.

7) Place in the centre of the oven. Cook for 25 minutes then checks the cake with a toothpick to check if the cake is cooked. I had to constantly check it a fair few times (5-minute intervals) until the stick was clear.

8) Take the cake out of the tin and place it on to a cooling rack to cool down.

9) Enjoy.

Cheers for reading X