It is all about the wedding venue

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Silchester House is an exclusive use, country house wedding venue located on the Berkshire and Hampshire border

My ideal wedding venue would be….

A wedding venue is a very important part of a wedding. I think it is one of the crucial things to think about, as it the one aspect of a wedding that gets a lot of your budget.

The wedding is a special time that you want to make just right for you and your partner. I know a lot of people would go abroad but for me staying in England would be amazing because I am proud of where I am from. It would also keep costs down and easy to get the guest to travel without having to deal with the hassle of flights and other stuff.

When I am thinking about my own dream wedding venue it has to be in a location that is aesthetically pleasing and that it is a special place that I am comfortable with hosting my special day at.

I would ideally like a venue with character and style that sets a scene. like the idea of places that hold history and memories for others. An example of a  lovely property that is beautiful in appearance is Silchester House.

I do love being around nature, as it would be my favourite place to be. I  would love to have an area full of natural beauty, green and trees to help create a  relaxed environment for the day. Not to mention the open space would be spot on for the photos for the wedding, making sure that there is plenty of space for all the guests to be included when having photographs taken.

A different advantage of having a large open space outside would be for me as a parent and be having guests with children would be the open space for children to run about and play. It can be easy for children to get bored being stuck inside a building all day that it would be really good for them to escape outside.  It then also gives them the change to create their own fun memories instead of being stuck indoors being bored all day. Means that the adults and the children are happy, win-win.

Advice for the bride and groom when considering a wedding venue….

Some advice I would give to the groom or bride when thinking about a wedding venue is about the size of the location with regards to how many people are coming to the wedding and how accessible it is for guests travelling.

One suggestion I would make when considering a wedding venue would be to make sure that you check out the venue prior to the wedding. I would recommend visiting the location twice because I am a bit of a control freak and like to make sure everything is A-OK. Visiting the venue before the wedding is a great way to suss out if that location feels right for you.

When thinking about the location and if you are doing a theme does it fit with the image you want it to be? If you are planning to do something outside bear in mind that different seasons come with the different weather. So you need to think carefully about the time of the year you plan your wedding. For example, if you chose to have fireworks as a feature in your wedding you don’t really want it in the winter. People will not really enjoy standing around wet and cold. Small things to consider but are important things to think about so that on the big day everything runs as smoothly as possible.

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This post is a collaboration with Bijou wedding venues. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 


23 signs your an adult

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Do you ever wonder whether you are a fully fledged adult, well check my list of 23 signs you are an adult to see?

Image result for adulting

1) You pay your bills.

2) You learn that being an adult isn’t all that cracked up to be.

3) You know how to manage money.

4) You save up for different things.

5) You learn how to tightly manage your money at the end of the month.

6) you daydream about the times when you were young and carefree with no responsibilities.

7) You don’t give a s**t what is on the chart.

8) You haven’t the foggiest who is number one.

9) You listen to podcasts.

10) You have a backache.

11) You don’t mind having nothing to do, in fact, it is something you enjoy.

12) You go to bed at a reasonable time.

13) You have to google new trend terms.

14) You can successfully do the laundry all by yourself.

15) You stand up for what you believe in.

16) You can’t be arsed to do all-nighters anymore.

17) You love your bed, at times even fantasy about it during the day.

18) You don’t care really what is cool anymore.

19) You enjoy choosing things whether music, fashion, movies etc just because bloody like them and sod anyone else who doesn’t.

20) Your life didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to but that is ok because you learn life is actually not linear but dame right messy.

21) You enjoy the mornings because you get stuff done. Note when I say mornings I mean 4AM with no kids about, haha.

22) You accept feedback without wanting to rip someones head off dare they think differently.

23) You learn to express yourself clearly.

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Quick and easy chocolate sponge cake


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Looking for a simple effect chocolate sponge cake. Then check out my recipe below.


150g milk chocolate

6oz self-raising flour

6oz sugar

6oz butter

3 eggs

7-inch cake tin



1) Preheat the oven 170c and grease the sandwich tin and line with parchment paper.

2) Put all the sugar and butter into a bowl and mix together with an electrical whisk.

3) Crack all the eggs into a jug, then slowly pour a little egg into the mix and whisk. The consistency should be creamy.

4) Next gradually add the flour and mix into the mixture until the flour is all mixed in.

5) Melt the chocolate in the microwave for a minute and then mix into the mixture.

6) Pour the mixture into the cake tin.

7) Place in the centre of the oven. Cook for 25 minutes then checks the cake with a toothpick to check if the cake is cooked. I had to constantly check it a fair few times (5-minute intervals) until the stick was clear.

8) Take the cake out of the tin and place it on to a cooling rack to cool down.

9) Enjoy.

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4 Ways to save your tooth

SWSD-2018-04-1 of 2.jpg

Image by Hian Oliveira on Unsplash
When we were kids, a tooth falling out was a good thing. The tooth fairy was on her way and there was cash to be had. However, now that we are adults, a tooth falling out is not a fun thing. These teeth are our last ones and we don’t get anymore after this. If you do lose a tooth, it might not be the end of it. You might possibly be able to save it and get it put back in. The following is a list of things that you should do in the event you lose a tooth.

  1. Handle It Correctly – If you are involved in an altercation and got hit on the face or you just fell down and hit your jaw, it is vitally important that you handle the tooth that fell out correctly. Do not hold the tooth by the base, also called the root, as doing this may damage important tissue and lower the chances of your dentist being able to fix it. Clean it off in some water and try to keep the tooth fresh by putting it in a container with some of your saliva, some whole milk or in a saline solution if you have some.
  2. Try To Put It Back In – Once you have cleaned the tooth correctly as per previous instructions, you should try to put it back into the socket that it came out of. This may make you feel squeamish, but it is the right thing to do. By doing this, you are making the dentist’s job easier for later, when the dentist tries to re-plant the tooth. By placing it back into the socket, you are protecting the root. If you can, bite down on something soft like some gauze, to get it to stay in place. For more advice on this procedure, check various dental articles online.
  3. Get To The Dentist – If your tooth is knocked or fallen out, you need to get to the Everton Park dentist or a trusted local dentist as soon as possible. If you don’t go see the dentist immediately, you will more than likely lose the tooth and also get an infection in the root socket. The quicker you see the dentist, the more likely that your tooth can be saved and you get to keep your beautiful smile. Current procedures can use dental lasers to help with the implanting of the tooth, which reduces pain and you may not need an anaesthetic.
  4. Ensure Protection – We all live hectic lifestyles and some of us are heavily involved in sporting activities. Any sport where it is likely you will get hit on the face like during the footie, for example, then you will need to take additional measures to protect your teeth. Always wear a mouth guard and if your sport allows it, a helmet and a face mask.

Protecting your teeth is massively important, as these teeth are your last ones and you really do need to take real care of them.

Ways to deal with anger

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Life can be tough and make you feel angry and lash out. I have written a post about ways to use that angry in a constructive manner so that people don’t get hurt but you can deal with the angry positively.

Night falls over a beach as a crescent moon shines in the sky

Do something to use up the rage, maybe go for a run, rip paper or like me clean kitchen floor and get that frustration out of your system. I always better after cleaning up and I have the added bonus of a tidy kitchen, whoop!

I know this can be hard but if you are in a situation that is causing that angry it is better to hold your tongue and walk away in the long term, We all have said things in the heat of the moment and when you are angry you can’t think straight. That is why it is better to walk away and postpone what you want to say at a later date when you are thinking rational and calm.

Speak to someone can help if it is anger that is a long-term problem. I problem shared is a problem halved, especially if is someone that you can trust and may be able to offer some answers to your problems. However, sometimes or we want is to vent and that is ok too because it is better to let it out then keep it bubbling away inside.

Find a solution – maybe not instantly but read on the internet or ask someone for advice can help.

When I am angry I am just not in the mood for anything. I simply need to do is go to bed and sleep before making a big decision. I feel much calmer after having a rest and it gives me a better to change think clearer.

Sometimes, I can not always express myself verbally so I grab a pen and pad and Write it down. It feels after fantastic because it is much clearer to see the problem rather than going over and over things in my head.

you know what I love a good cry and that is all need to have the moment to break down in my room and get it out of my system, I feel tons better and I love calming feeling after.

Hope this helps,

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5 ways to put a Spring in your step

Hey readers,

I know it is grey and rainy outside and can sometimes feel hard to get motivated, which is a sad case as can you believe it is Spring. So, here are my five ways to put a spring in your step.


There is nothing more cathartic then having a good clean out, sort out the things you want and not need. It gets stuff if suitable on eBay and sells or give to charity. I also love to get organised as sometimes as a parent always have the time or energy to put things in order. So, this could mean putting items in the right location to sorting out your paperwork so that it is in order and clear to find.

Go outside

It can be hard to feel motivated when it is so wet and grim but sometimes it is good to get outdoors for your soul. Put your wellies on and go out with the kids, they love splashing in puddles and you feel tons better after getting fresh air.


A lovely way to bring Spring into your home and some colour are to buy some flowers, even if it is just a bunch of £1 daffodils they really do brighten up your mood.

Spring Clean

Nothing says Springtime like a good old deep cleanse around your home, dusting them cop webs of and giving the place a good old bleach. It is lovely now again to feel like a new page has turned and you feel so much better in your home.

Try something new

Sometimes we as parents or adults can get stuck in a rhythm and we do the same old because change is scary or hard work. However, trying something new can recreate the excitement, whether that be doing exercise, learning a new hobby or visiting somewhere you have not been before being a great way to get that buzz back in life.

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