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This is because i have been sleeping badly due to my son going through a horrible period waking up several times a night and over time really dampens everything.

However, we did get to go to the pumpkin farm and have fun picking our own one. We have a massive one, even though cheeky hubby told me it was the same as last years, it was clearly not! Still the boys are going to have fun carving the pumpkin on Saturday.

We also got a green pumpkin as it is the best one for making pumpkin tart,so hopefully that sis something fun we can do in the half term.

Which as it is half term coming up looking forward for a break from the constant letters/homework etc that seems to be continous, jeez it’s hardcore now they are at school.

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The Reading Residence


Hey readers,

I don’t know why but today is a really shitty day. It might be because I am overly tired, in a lot of physical pain, stressed about money, anxious about half term and entertaining children, going away on holiday (I struggle with my autism) but finally the last thing that broke the camels back is the cat puking all over my bed late at night. I had to change the bedding when I was desperately tired. Oh the joys!
I blow my top and had massive row with hubby, called him a dick amongst other names. Then took myself to the bedroom and cried so hard in my pillow, which I haven’t done in a long time.
It felt so good almost like a pressure that has been built up inside of me escaping. It is hard to keep your head above water, generally I manage with the odd blip I’m alright. But after weeks of keeping my shit together I just needed to have to have a break down and just get it out of my system.

I have been doing this for years albeit when I have had clinical depression when I just totally sunk internally inside of myself. Maybe it just the way I am programmed.
Although at the time it felt needed and good. However, now I have to say sorry to the hubby for being a dick…it was just the anger. Maybe a little jealous of him as he is so laid back and can take every on the chin. Whereas I can only do maybe three things and then the juggling  becomes too much to deal with.

It is lonely at times, I wish I could stop comparing myself to others  but then again isn’t it innate and I am wired to do so for survival purposes?! My head is too fucked to make any clear rational conclusions.
Let’s just have a sleep and forget the rest till later, but it is so lonely having a disability that messes you up and making you feel not normal. So much more effort I have to put into things which then sucks all my energy. But it won’t be long until I will have to rise whilst having very little energy and enthusiasm.

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Diary of an imperfect mum


Pumpkin time 🎃 

Hey readers,

One of my Autumn Bucket List was to visit a pumpkin farm to pick our own pumpkin. This week we finally got to tick the task of the list as we are fast approaching the end of October. We have been to our local farm last year and my boys loved going around and seeing the spooky decorations which a lovely diverse range of stuff.

A particularly  favourite moment at the pumpkin farm was to go in the dark room and see seeing my boys glow in the dark outfit light up.

I love the fact how much my youngest has chilled out more and willing to listen. It is so much easier to enjoy a day out when people are a bit more relaxed.

The boys had a blast and they even got to chose a cute little pumpkin of there own.

We picked a corker of a big pumpkin and it is going to be so cool at a later date to carve the big guy.

This year we also have a table whereby we can put the pumpkin in the centre of the table one night when we have a meal. It just the littlest things that keep your spirits high on the lower and difficult days.


big punpkin!

So many pumpkins to chose from!

So many interesting shapes, sizes and colour pumpkins you can get. Something you will never find in your local supermarket.

One of the fun things to do at the pumkin farm is to have a ride around the pull along cart. This is the life for two children!

Yep they are never going perform on the spot are they?! One day mummy my learn but still we have a cool backdrop for a photo!

Finally the piece de resistance s getting a green pumpkin as we were advised was the best one to make pumpkin tart, yummilicious!

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Dear Bear and Beany

Be Still Tea

Hey readers,

One of my favourite things in life is a warm cup of  Rosie Lee. There is something comforting about tea and like the saying by Arthur Wing Pinero goes, ” Where there’s tea, there’s hope”.


Tea, Cup, Saucer, Drink, Cuppa, Brew

So why not write a poem about tea and all it’s loveliness!

When I think of tea,

I think of positivity,

some atheletes need strengh,

well I just need a hot cuppa,

then I feel fabiulous

and ready to go,

you see it bewith me,

from years ago,

although I do stop,

at fish tea,

which terrifys me.

In saying that,

I like a good strong brew,

none of this flat tasteless types,

but not to hot,

to cause ravage with a broken cup.

slip slowly and enjoy,

the aromas of tea,

feel your  belly warm,

with delight,

there always be comfort,

in a mug of tea.

Cheers for reading X

Prose for Thought

I like to move it, move it.

Hey readers,

If you are looking for a alternative snack then look no further then Frubes. Frubes is basically a yoghurt in a tube, but kids love to be independent and see the fun in pushing the yoghurt up a tube.


Frubes come in variety of flavours – peach, strawberry, red berry and banana flavour.  They also contain vitamin D and calcium which helps make bones stronger.

The benefits of vitamin D and calcium is 90% of bone mass is made is set before the age of 18.  An interesting fact that I have only just recently discovered is that children can not make their own calcium so need to find it externally through food or milk.  Vitamin D is also important as it helps the body to absorbs the calcium. *

You can buy frubes from local retailer and currently Asda have them on offer for a £1.

As part of The Angry Bird Movie Partnership,  where frubes are offering the change to win a trip to the Bahamas for a fun filled island holiday to spot exotic birds and swim with pigs. This is for a family of four to spend six nights in the Bharamas.  the competition includes a weekly draw win to a whole host of Angry Birds merchandise. (Running till the 3110/2016).

Also check out new website Angry Birds Frubes which has just been released where you can egg on angry birds or the mischeavious pigs, where you can dance off to see who has the best moves.

I have been challenged by BritMums to test out Frubes and to see my child’s best dance moves. Well look no further as I have done a video of the boy’s dance, naturally down a supermarket isle to kill boredom. His ultimate goal is to be BumbleBee and transform into a car through the medium of dance. I think that my son is leaning towards the dance of break dancing and sure loves a good head roll stand thingy, haha!


Cheers for reading X

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #FrubesMovesLinky Challenge, sponsored by Frubes

* National Institutes of Health, Osteoporosis. available at {Accessed September 2016].

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